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Tue 04-11-2014
Mighty and Crafty Vaporizer

Coming virtually out of nowhere, in October Storz and Bickel, the creators behind the Volcano and Plenty vaporizers released two all-new portable vaporizers to the market. Boasting impressive specs and a release just before the holiday season, Storz and... Read More »

Latest VI Review

by Vaporizer Info on 24-09-2014
Flowermate Vaporizer

In this review we'll take a closer look at the Flowermate V5.0 vaporizer. This pocket vaporizer is produced by Chinese company Smiss, who have quite a bit... Read More »

User Review

by Visitor on 30-03-2015

Housing relocation is an high priced occasion likewise apart from being a time-consuming and challenging course of action. It may terribly affect your... Read more »

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3 Arizer V-Tower 88.8 %
4 Arizer Extreme Q 88.6 %
5 Inhalater XP 85.7 %
6 Herborizer Tube 85.0 %
7 Volcano Digit 85.0 %
8 Volcano Classic 84.8 %
9 Vaponic 84.8 %
10 viVape 84.0 %