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Fri 01-08-2014
Muad-Dib Concentrate Box

Magic-Flight’s Muad-Dib Concentrate Box, the concentrates-only sibling of the infamous Launch Box, is now available in Europe, with Amsterdam-based online retailer... Read More »

Latest VI Review

by Vaporizer Info on 29-08-2013
Firewood Vaporizer

A combination of a conduction and convection based vape, 40 minutes of heating time and a glass airpath, priced at $100. Sounds good, right? We thought so... Read More »

User Review

by Visitor on 03-09-2014

Love Your Ankle BootiesRemember that with all leather shoes the better care you take of them the longer you will have them to enjoy. And remember fashion is... Read more »

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1 Arizer Solo 89.7 %
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3 VapirRise 88.0 %
4 Arizer Extreme Q 87.8 %
5 Plenty Vaporizer 86.2 %
6 Inhalater XP 85.7 %
7 Herborizer Tube 85.0 %
8 Pinnacle Vaporizer 85.0 %
9 Volcano Digit 85.0 %
10 Volcano Classic 84.8 %