How to clean your vaporizer

An important part in the maintenance of your vaporizer is to regularly clean it. Resin can be extremely sticky and it gives your vaporizer parts a dirty look. Read below for some useful tips and tricks on how to easily clean the most dirty parts of your vape.


These parts can be soaked in rubbing alcohol, as it will dissolve the resin.

  • Put all metal/glass pieces in a tall glass or ziplock bag and fill it up with isopropyl alcohol. Shake it now and then to allow the alcohol to break up the resin. (Brass) screens can be taken out after less than an hour, larger glass parts should be left to stand overnight.
  • Rinse all the pieces with warm-hot water removing resin that the alcohol didn't.


Tubing can be cleaned in a similar way, using isopropyl alcohol, but the tubing may show discoloration afterwards and even leave behind a nasty taste. Other options include:

  • run a nail or screw with a head slightly larger than the inside diameter of the tubing and push it through (connect it to a piece of steel wire to use as a ‘plunge’)
  • Use a bent paperclip to remove resin from the part where your whip is connected to your wand or herb holder.
  • Simply replace the tubing. Medicinal grade silicon tubing can be found at a medical supply store – just make sure you use the right diameter.


Thanks for sharing these

Thanks for sharing these cleaning tips! After going through this write-up I understood what all things to be considered while cleaning the vaporizer! It’s better to go for silicon tubing, which is available in almost all the medical stores.


i also use iso alcohol, but i add epson salts to the jar which do not disolve in the iso and acts as a scrubber, adds abrasion to the solution so when you shake the bottle the salts scrape off the resins
try it...
works great...
keep on vapin...

I use No-Rinse, a sanitizing

I use No-Rinse, a sanitizing solution usually used by homebrewers to clean beermaking equipment.
Just dissolve a tablespoon in a gallon of tap water and soak tubing and mouthpieces. Use a Q-tip to remove any residue and you're good to go!
This sanitized is preferred by many brewers because it breaks down, leaving only water.
Vaporize with no aftertaste!