PAX 2 Vaporizer in Europe
Vaporizer info, Fri 25-09-2015
While the original PAX vaporizer never (officially) made it to the European market, the successor, the PAX 2, is now available via both retailers as well as PAX itself, offering it directly for sale... Read More »
Cannabis Cup Denver 2015
Vaporizer info, Thu 30-04-2015
From April 18-20, the city of Denver (CO) once again hosted the infamous High Times Cannabis Cup. Tens of thousands of enthusiasts made their way to the Denver Mart for the expo, and a massive 420... Read More »
Mighty and Crafty Vaporizer
Vaporizer info, Tue 04-11-2014
Coming virtually out of nowhere, in October Storz and Bickel, the creators behind the Volcano and Plenty vaporizers released two all-new portable vaporizers to the market. Boasting impressive specs... Read More »
Muad-Dib Concentrate Box
Vaporizer info, Fri 01-08-2014
Magic-Flight’s Muad-Dib Concentrate Box, the concentrates-only sibling of the infamous Launch Box, is now available in Europe, with Amsterdam-based online retailer VapoShop currently being the... Read More »
Vaporizer info, Wed 05-02-2014
It’s been a while since our last update, as we’ve been quite busy fixing some internal stuff on our website (a revamped design is coming up as well!). Besides that, we’ve been busy testing various... Read More »
DUBE and Dual Vaporizer 2 Reviewed
Vaporizer info, Fri 11-10-2013
With the popularity of pen vaporizers on the rise, the demand for these ultra-pocketable vapes is growing by the day. In this article we take a closer look at White Rhino’s DUBE ($59.99 / €67,95) and... Read More »
ZenPen Vaporizer
Vaporizer info, Wed 31-07-2013
The hot weather (in Amsterdam at least) calls for outdoor relaxation/vaping, and that is just what we’ve been doing lately. Vaporizer manufacturers are not resting on their laurels, however. Time... Read More »
This is the End
Vaporizer info, Tue 25-06-2013
A sign that vaporizers are definitely becoming more commonplace as alternative to smoking, is the appearance of our favorite device in Hollywood productions. The latest (stoner) movie to feature... Read More »
Ascent Vaporizer
Vaporizer info, Tue 04-06-2013
WISPR 2 now available The WISPR 2 is a slightly updated version of Oglesby and Butler's WISPR Vaporizer and is now available. It will replace the previous version. Ascent Vaporizer delays Read More »
Vaporizer info, Wed 22-05-2013
One of the industry's veteran companies, Vapir, have announced that they have a new vaporizer in the works. It is a home vaporizer that goes under the name VapirRise. Vapir is known from creating... Read More »
VaporBrothers Dabbler
Vaporizer info, Wed 01-05-2013
US-based vaporizer manufacturer Vaporbrothers, known for the original box-style vaporizer, has teamed up with the Vape-Pen company to create a pen vaporizer for vaporizing oils and concentrates. In... Read More »
Vaporizer info, Tue 16-04-2013
Oglesby & Butler have announced that an improved version of their WISPR vaporizer will be available on April 24th. First introduced in 2011, the WISPR was the successor to the once revolutionary... Read More »
VaporGenie Volta
Vaporizer info, Thu 11-04-2013
Known for their excellent flame-powered vaporizer pipes, VaporGenie has scheduled to release their first battery-powered unit. It will carry the name VaporGenie Volta and is currently in production... Read More »
VapeWorld Shopping Experience
Vaporizer info, Fri 22-03-2013
In the first installment of our series of shop reviews, we share our shopping experience with one of the largest US-based vaporizer retailers: VapeWorld. VapeWorld has been in the vaporizer business... Read More »
MFLB Concentrate Tray
Vaporizer info, Fri 01-03-2013
At the Spannabis trade show, which took place from February 15 to 17 in Barcelona, Spain, the makers of the ever-popular Magic-Flight Launch Box introduced their long-awaited ‘Herbal Concentrate Tray... Read More »
Vaporizers to watch out for in 2013
Vaporizer info, Fri 18-01-2013
2012 was a great year for vaporizer-enthusiasts. The increasing popularity of vaporizing has led to more and more new types becoming available, leaving us spoilt for choice. The majority of recently... Read More »
Vaporizer Buyer's Guide
Vaporizer info, Fri 07-12-2012
Buying a vaporizer (whether as a gift, or for yourself) can seem like a daunting task. There's a dizzying array of different kinds of vaporizers, each with different features that may or may not be... Read More »
Vaporizer info, Tue 09-10-2012
Update April 11 2013: Still no news at all. VapeWorld does not ship the Pax outside the EU, so ordering from abroad proves very diffcult. Since the release of the Pax Vaporizer we've received quite a... Read More »
Best Product Award
Vaporizer info, Tue 25-09-2012
Two relatively new vaporizers have recently won awards at (medicinal) cannabis shows in both Spain and the United States. At the High Times Medical Cannabis Cup in Seattle, it was VapeXHale's gem,... Read More »
Omicron Vaporizer
Vaporizer info, Fri 14-09-2012
Pen vaporizers are amongst the fastest growing trends in the world of portable vaporizers. These lightweight vapes are praised for their ease-of-use and the ability to provide instant vapour.... Read More »