Makers of Volcano release whip vape: the Plenty Vaporizer

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The German makers of the renowned Volcano Vaporizers recently announced their first whip vaporizer, the Plenty Vaporizer. Not only is the name rather unconventional, the unit looks quite different from your average whip vape. With a hard plastic outer shell and lots of black and orange it looks more like a power tool than a vaporizer. While this vape wouldn't draw much attention in a garage, I'm not sure if its still as inconspicuous when sitting on the kitchen table..

More important however, are the specifications. The details Storz & Bickel released are not conclusive, but at least we get a good idea of what this vaporizer is about.

The Plenty Vaporizer is a non-portable electric vaporizer that utilizes a flexible stainless steel whip for vapor inhalation. The actual temperature inside the filling chamber is displayed on a analog meter that is positioned on the front of the unit. The temperature can be set anywhere between 130°C and 202°C (266°F to 395°F). By unscrewing the 'whip part' from the base of the vaporizer, the screen/filling chamber is revealed.

Judging from the statement that the Plenty is 'silent' and the size of the vaporizer, we assume that passive draw is involved.

Since it Storz & Bickel's first new vaporizer since the release of the Digit (not counting the Mediq here), which was released in 2008, we expect this vaporizer to be of excellent quality. The certifications (TÜV, NRTL) only strenghten this assumption.

The Plenty is currently only available in Europe, at the price of €248 ($331).

By the way, don't believe any 'reviews' of the Plenty Vaporizer you find online, they are based on the product description on the website of the manufacturer. At the time those reviews appeared, no units had actually been shipped. As soon we have a Plenty vaporizer in our hands, you can expect a detailed (and honest) review!