New portable vape: the Lotus Vaporizer

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The recently introduced Lotus Vaporizer is a portable convection type vaporizer that uses a lighter for its heat source. Much like the VaporGenie and Vapman, the user can adjust the vaporizing temperature by varying his/her inhalation speed and the flame location. However, the Lotus features a so called 'hot spot' on the heat exchanger that gives visual feedback of the vaporization temperature, shortening the learning curve.

Due to its shape, a regular type lighter won't be able to produce sufficient heat, therefore a goose neck type lighter is needed. According to the manufacturer the Lotus contrasts to the VaporGenie by the lack of butane fumes that are inhaled.

The heat exchanger is attached to the bowl by magnets, and can be taken off for easy transportation.

Although we have not yet been able to test this unit, it seems like a nice vaporizer to fill up the gap between the VaporGenie and the Magic Flight Launch box, each having their own qualities and fitting in a slightly different price range.

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The lotus makes you fly high

The lotus makes you fly high baby yeah!!