Summer News: ZenPen, MFLB Power Adapter 2.0, VapeXhale Eagle

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ZenPen Vaporizer

The hot weather (in Amsterdam at least) calls for outdoor relaxation/vaping, and that is just what we’ve been doing lately. Vaporizer manufacturers are not resting on their laurels, however. Time for an industry update.

Zen Pen specifications revealed

Although pen vaporizers are becoming increasingly popular, most models currently available on the market are not designed for use with dry herbs in mind, or have limited functionality when it comes to this. The Zen Pen promises to change this and comes with a number of interesting features:

  • Size of a fountain pen
  • Heats up to 210 C in ~ 5secs
  • Large temperature range 300-410F
  • Snap on magnetic USB charger allows for charging while vaping
  • Made of stainless steel
  • Ring of LED’s display current status (ready to go: blue, heating: red)
  • LiPo battery allows for high-power heating, long battery life of 3+ hours
  • User adjustable micro-processor controlled temperature, no combustion
  • External temperature adjust wheel
  • Clean vapor path, heating element is medical grade brass
  • Sleek design, available in a range of colours or metal finish
  • Kickstarter price: $99 (final price unknown)

ZenPen sideview

Although specifically designed for dry herb, attachments (chambers) to make it usable for concentrates will become available as accessory.

Initial funds for production of the ZenPen will be raised through Kickstarter, starting at the end of August.

We’ll make sure to you posted on updates and news regarding this vape. For more details, make sure you check out the ZenPen official blog, where the engineers behind this vape frequently post updates.

MFLB Power Adapter 2.0

The creatives at Magic Flight have completely redesigned their power adapter, and renamed it to Power Adapter 2.0 (PA 2.0). The previous version – which suffered from a number of problems - will be discontinued. Next to a redesign, the PA 2.0 also features several nifty improvements:

  • Size: The Power Adapter 2.0 is about the size of the Launch Box
  • Banana plug: get a solid connection every time
  • Stronger switch. Will work better and longer
  • A car adapter is included with every PA 2.0

Magic-Flight Power Adapter 2.0

Just like the MFLB itself, the Power Adapter 2.0 comes with a lifetime warranty. It retails for $79 and will become available through resellers worldwide (no more hefty import taxes and shipping costs!) in early August.

VapeXhale Nimbus/Eagle

Previously going under the project name ‘Nimbus’, the successor to the much-praised VapeXhale Cloud will be named ‘VapeXhale Eagle’. It’s basically an improved version of the Cloud, which – despite being a revolutionary device – faced some serious durability and production issues. Similar to the ZenPen, funds for manufacturing are raised through fundraising website IndieGoGo. The aim is to bring manufacturing inhouse, to allow faster production and to build a better quality product. Over $90k was raised in a matter of weeks. The first Eagle units are expected to be ready for delivery around October 2013.

The VapeXhale Nimbus

More information: IndieGoGo Project Nimbus / VapeXhale Website