The Rise of Pen Style Vaporizers

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Omicron Vaporizer

Pen vaporizers are amongst the fastest growing trends in the world of portable vaporizers. These lightweight vapes are praised for their ease-of-use and the ability to provide instant vapour. Basically, pen vaporizers can be divided into two types:

  • Cartridge pen vapes – Pen vaporizers that utilize a cartridge system can only be used with concentrates that melt, i.e. BHO, budder and ear wax. Other pen vapes, such as the Persei have separate attachments available for herbs, efficiently turning them into a multi-use vaporizer.
  • Herb chamber pen vapes – These are often somewhat larger in size than their cartridge operated counterparts. Because of their ability to heat herb (which has more mass than concentrates), increased battery power is required, resulting in less efficiency and more weight because of higher capacity batteries.

With more and more dispensaries offering various types of concentrates and sometimes even pre-filled cartridges, it is likely that the popularity of pen vaporizers will only increase further over time. A promising feature that should lead to more awareness on the benefits of vaporizing!

Popular Pen Vaporizers

Below we have listed some of the most popular pen vaporizers of this moment.


The Omicron was one of the first pen vaporizers to enter the market. Starting with the V1 in 2011, this first model has now been replaced by the V2 and V2.5, while in the meantime new editions such as the O-PHOS and Persei (the latter using a larger battery, making it somewhat bigger than most other pen vapes) have also been released by USA-based company THC Scientific Inc.

We did a review of the first Omicron Vaporizer and were very pleased with the way it worked. It produces clean, thick hits of vapour with virtually no waiting time. The Omicron cartridges are relatively easy to fill and contain no cotton - just silica wick, stainless steel and ceramics. Cartridges can provide up to 400+ 6-second hits.

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Atmos RAW

Looking quite small and slick, the Atmos RAW sure seemed like a promising vape pen. Unfortunately, the first reviews were all but positive, with users complaining of the unit combusting and producing smoke instead of vapour. As of September 2012, some of the major (online) stores no longer carry the Atmos Raw. We’re not sure whether this is because of the poor functioning or if there are other reasons, but we wouldn’t recommend buying this one.


Because of its size (it is approximately 9” long) it can be debated whether the VaporBlunt should be classified as a pen-style vape - which makes it the largest of all pen vapes we discuss here. It features a herb chamber instead of cartridges and cannot be used with concentrates. The quality of the vapour is very good, comparable to the Solo.

ThermoVape Revolution

The ThermoVape Revolution is an adapter kit that converts your ThermoVape T1 into a vape pen that is suitable for both liquids and concentrates. The biggest concern with this vaporizer is its limited battery-life, as a fully charged set of batteries only lasts about one bowl.

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