Top 3 Most Anticipated Vaporizers of 2012

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The year 2011 saw a record number of newly released vaporizers, a trend that is likely to continue in 2012. Already, several manufacturers have announced new models to be released in the coming month(s). Good news for vaporizer enthusiasts, as it is likely that not only prices will drop, it will also make it easier to find a vaporizer that caters to your specific needs.

Here's a list of three highly anticipated upcoming vaporizers in 2012:

1. The Cloud (by VapeXhale)

The Cloud Vaporizer
Arguably already last year's most anticipated non-portable vaporizer. The VapeXhale Cloud is an electric vaporizer that combines moisture-cooled vapor with an all-glass vapor path. Early production units showed that this unit lives up to its name; it has no trouble producing huge clouds of vapor.

Production of The Cloud faced several issues and caused quite some delay. However, the company owner has always been very transparant and honest about these issues, earning them respect among vaporizer veterans on the FC Forums. It also shows that this company is committed to releasing a top-notch product that prefer perfecting their unit over selling untested or unreliable units. Until a final release date is known, we'll just continue to drool over YouTube videos of The Cloud.

Release date: Unknown
Retail price: $450

2. miVape (by Vaporfection)

Another vaporizer that has been postponed numerous times is Vaporfection's miVape. This company also recently released a non-portable unit, the viVape, which displays remarkable resemblences to certain Apple products. The miVape portable is no exception here. Judging by the product images from the manufacturer, this vaporizer is sleek, stylish and compact. It works on a built-in battery and has an adjustable temperature range of +/- 300 to 400 F. The glass airway path sounds promising, so the miVape definitely has our interest.

Release date: March/April 2012
Retail price: $299

3. Plenty Vaporizer (by Storz & Bickel)

Released in Europe just before the end of the year 2011, this vaporizer will be available in other continents shortly. With the Plenty, Storz & Bickel are aiming at those who prefer a whip-vaporizer over a bag vape. The Plenty features an analog temperature indicator and a semi-flexible 'metal coil' whip. As expected, the build quality of this unit is top-notch. We're currently in the process of thoroughly testing it, so keep an eye on our website (or Twitter or Facebook page) for a comprehensive review!

Release date: Now available in Europe, US will follow shorly.
Estimated retail price: ~$320 (€248)