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Efficient vaporizer

I always thought this modern stuff machinery was just made to impress health-freaks and medicine students. But a friend of mine (a medicine student) purchased one and after smiling down on him for some months, I realized how little weed he needed to get dead stoned and how long the effect lasted.

At first it is strange to use the vaporizer because the stuff you inhale is incredibly dry (chewing gum helps) but once you're used to it, it can't be beat. Like with a bong, the onset varies from immediately to 15 minutes, half a balloon (0,5 - 0,8m) usually is sufficient for an intense effect for 1 - 2 hours (varies with habituation*g*).

The Volcano is said to have an efficiency of extracting the active ingredient of 80% or more, so you can image how much of your weed is no longer burnt for the sake of burning but goes straight to you!

All in all: great product, good for your health, doesn't produce the usual strong and distinctive smell, helps you get the best of your herbs.

Volcano Classic

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