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Vaponic Review

Vaponic vaporizer review

In the following review we take a closer look at the Vaponic; a small glass lighter-powered vaporizer from the Spanish manufacturer of the VapBong, Solwe.


The Vaponic is a small glass vaporizer, about the size of a finger. Apart from the stainless steel screen and the small silicon grommet which holds everything together, it is made from high quality heat-resistant borosilicate glass.

Visually, the Vaponic looks very nice, its simple and beautiful. All the glass is very well formed, smooth and even. The only decoration is a small red circular logo (easy on the eye, not too obvious), and a thin red line around the main tube. The silicone part is dark grey, and doesn't stand out too much.

Overall, the Vaponic looks like it could be a spare part from a large, high-end glass vaporizer, or something from a science lab. The Vaponic comes inside a small plastic clamshell-style package, which is transparent and clearly shows the contents. The instruction manual and the protective "marker" case are colorful, with a large Vaponic logo, website etc.

The unit is small, so its easy to conceal, easily fitting into a pocket. The protective marker case is designed for hiding the unit, although there is a large Vaponic logo and website on the outside (this sticker could be peeled off for extra stealth).

Vapor & Taste

The first thing that I noticed when using the Vaponic is that the flavor of the vapor is extremely clean and pure. It reminded me of using a high end pure glass vaporizer like the Verdamper or the Herborizer. The Vaponic is almost 100% glass, so this explains the purity of flavor. The air does pass over the silicon grommet on the way in, but this is before the air is warmed. So the airpath is not pure glass, but the vapor path is.

The area around the silicon grommet gets slightly warm to touch while in use, but nowhere near warm enough to make any 'cooked' silicon smell/taste.

The potency of the vapor depends on the amount of heat applied. There is a learning curve to reaching the desired temperature (discussed later in the review), so the vapor can be too light or too heavy when the user is still learning. The overall potency of the vapor depends on the temperature applied by the user.


One of the interesting things about the Vaponic is that its not really necessary to grind the herb. It does a surprisingly good job when you just tear off a small chunk of the bud and insert it whole. This is convenient because no grinder is necessary, you can just tear pieces off and insert them as needed. However, after much experimentation I found that the herb is slightly more prone to uneven vaporization when the bud is left whole. When the vaporized bud is broken open, it is generally a shade darker brown on the outside than in the center. I want to reiterate that the Vaponic does do a surprisingly good job with whole pieces of herb, but when the the bud is properly ground, vaporization tends to be more even and efficient. In most cases, the ground herb comes out evenly vaporized all the way through.

Because of the manual, lighter-based heating, it is quite easy to combust the herb with the Vaponic when the lighter is applied too long. This happened to me quite a few times early on, but after a few sessions I got a feeling for how long to heat the unit before inhaling, and combustion became rare. After some practice, combustion isn't an issue.

Ease of use

As mentioned, there is a definite learning curve to using the Vaponic. The unit is physically very simple and easy to assemble, with very few parts. But the method of heating requires the user to learn how long to apply the lighter. How long will depend on a number of variables, such as the type of lighter used (gas torches are the best, and don't leave black soot), as well as the quality of the herb (material that is very dry or low-grade usually needs higher temperatures). This is not a major problem, and the same potential combustion issue exists with some other portables, even electric units such as the Magic Flight Launch Box. But I would say that the Vaponic is not the best choice for users with a short attention span, who just want a quick and easy, foolproof vaporizer.

The other thing to consider is that the far end of the Vaponic gets extremely hot while in use. There is a red line which indicates which side to heat, and which side is safe to hold with your fingers, but its understandable that many people will accidentally touch the hot end, especially while under the influence of strong vapor! Passing the Vaponic around in-between hits needs to be done carefully. I managed not to burn myself, but a couple of my friends did burn their fingers, and are now understandably cautious of this particular vaporizer. The tip of a gas torch lighter also gets extremely hot when used for the length of time required to heat the Vaponic, so should be treated with caution.


Because the Vaponic is made from glass, it cannot be expected to be ultra-durable. However, the makers have used very high quality borosilicate glass, and have made it as thick as is practical. Any thicker, and I believe the unit would take too long to heat up. For a small glass vaporizer, the Vaponic is as durable as one can expect. It would be very unlikely to survive being dropped. But each of the 3 glass pieces of the Vaponic is separately replaceable, so a breakage is not necessarily a complete loss.

When using a freshly filled gas torch lighter, the Vaponic can get a couple of users through a complete session without needing a gas refill. One of the good things about a lighter-based vaporizer is that you potentially will never run out of power, unlike an electronic/battery operated unit. This is ideal for activities like camping/hiking, because full can of butane fuel would last a very long time indeed, and is relatively light to carry.

I also want to mention the Vaponic is very easy to clean. The 3 glass pieces disassemble quickly and can be soaked in alcohol, Grunge Off etc, and come out sparkling. Sometimes a little scrubbing with a pipe cleaner may be necessary, especially when the user has accidentally combusted.


While the Vaponic is not ideal for all users and situations, it does a very good job as long as the user is willing to spend time getting to know the ins and outs. The purity and cleanliness of the vapor is fantastic, on par with high expensive, home-based glass vaporizers. When used correctly, it delivers wonderful flavor. I can't think of another vaporizer as low-priced as the Vaponic which delivers such quality vapor.

The Vaponic is a good choice for a connoisseur who doesn't mind a slightly more involved process, in the pursuit of the best quality vapor possible from a small portable. As mentioned, it is not ideal for users who just want a quick and easy method, or who are on the clumsy side (possibly leading to burning themselves, burning the weed, or worst of all - dropping and breaking the unit). It is also not a good idea for those users wanting stealthy usability - heating up the unit takes at least 5-10 seconds with a gas torch. This would definitely draw attention in a public place, and some observers have also commented this heating process looks like a meth/crack pipe to the untrained eye (but I never made this connection).

Personally, I would highly recommend the Vaponic to an outdoors person, who appreciates good quality vapor while on the trail, in the mountains, camping etc. Including a full can of butane, the entire setup is light, small, and long-lasting. Its also a good choice for taking to private parties, to share with friends who are ok with the learning curve. The Vaponic is a very affordable and well designed product. At this price point, it would be my top choice for a portable vaporizer.

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Vaponic ReviewVaporizer InfoIn the following review we take a closer look at the Vaponic; a small glass lighter-powered vaporizer from the Spanish manufacturer of the VapBong, So4

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a true connoisseur's vaporizer

had an issue with the mouth piece, manufacturer sorted this and withing a week i had a replacement, excellent service, beautiful vaporizer.
for me there is something a little 'classier' about this vape compared to others, it makes me feel like a connoisseur of the bud world!!! best comparison for me is the difference between buying pre-ground coffee, or buying your own beans and creating your own blends, it all falls on what kind of person you are. i also use the vapocane, which works a similarly to this, minus any learning curve, my only advice for that would be to use with a pipe as apposed to a bong, and use tissue to hold in place/ bung gaps in bowl

we are vaponic ninjas!!!!

I've been using the Vaponic

I've been using the Vaponic for a couple of months now and I love it. The videos from the creators are great and I am sure they attenuated the learning curve. But it definitely takes some practice. Overheating leads to smoke and so you ought to practice quite a bit before vaping in the bathroom at a relative's holiday party. It's possible that this is the result of not using high-enough quality bud; I read above that the better the herb, the lower the temperature needed. Alas, I don't have access to the good stuff right now.

I have really enjoyed practicing and becoming proficient with this piece. The flavor on the exhale is amazing. I've found myself yearning for the flavor as much as the high.

I recommend buying the lighter they have on their website. It's mentioned in the review but it should be stressed: the tip of the lighter gets really hot. My friend got branded before I realized that and handed him the lighter without putting the cap on first.

I also loved that when it arrived in the mail the envelope was hand addressed with the return address of the creator on it (I believe this is the case, can't remember what led me to that conclusion though). It feels good to support these guys

The Vaponic Team

Hi guys,

we're the producers of the Vaponic and first of all wanted to say thank you for your review! We thought that an official answer from our side might be interesting for you and for the readers and doing so we also want to encourage everybody to praise or to criticize us here or directly by sending an e-mail to info@vaponic.com.

The review is fair and thorough and after all we're not supposed to complain about such a positive overall rating. Still, as it's may be normal for parents, we'd like to add some details in order to present our 'baby' from its best side .-) :

You wrote that the first few times the herbs combusted: Did they actually really burn or just come out black? We're asking because strictly sticking to the lateral heating as described - below the filter more or less and never too close to the end, turning the vaporizer at the same time - we've found it nearly impossible to actually light the herbs up. The heat spreads out equally and we believe that there's enough heating flexibility in order not to burn yout herbs accidentally.

We put a video of usage on our website which is supposed to explain well the visual heat control of the Vaponic by simply observing the colour of the herbs, a pretty easy and safe procedure. And we also put another video on the site which describes the 6 different functions of the multifunctional tool included in the kit. We were somehow missing a mentioning of those videos, the really useful tool itself and last but not least the 2-year warranty and our customer service, which we're proud of!

Last but not least we believe that the Vaponic deserves a straight fiver as far as the performance is concerned! (... Yes of course, you cocky Vaponic people ...) Please let us explain: By reheating the Vaponic after cooling down the first/second/third... time you can get out up to 15-20 puffs with one filling and squeeze everything out of the herbs you may want to. With a little bit of practice you can choose between vaporizing on a low temperature level and stopping rather early or really strong puffs and taking the herbs to their (bitter) end. We really wonder how a Vape could perform better. Well yes, it could: by providing a reliable and clean method to vaporize resin and oil. Guess what: it's coming soon! May be by then we'll really deserve a fifth star...

That's it. Please feel free to criticize us, we need it! Obviously things can always be optimized and only with your help and objective reviews like the one done by the guys from vaporizer-info.com we'll be able to improve. Thank you very much again!

P.S. Follow us on FB and Twitter!


It does a pretty good job for a low-end vaporizer. I would use it if I didn't have a better vaporizer with me...


A very affordable vaporizer. I like the fact that you can take it for camping and not have to worry about plug-in electricity.