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The Dragon Vap is a portable butane powered vaporizer. It is also known as 'Porto Vap' or 'Dragon Vap DVP-600'. The unit is cheap, but this shows in the construction quality.

Adjustable temperature
Automatic switch off
Flexible tube
Heat up time
4-6 minutes
Type of heating

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DragonVap review

By Vaporeview on 01-04-2013

The Dragonvap is probably the cheapest vaporizer on the market that uses butane gas to extract the substance of your herbs. It basically uses a simple torch to heat a ceramic piece where you store the herbs in. You can also refill it like a simple lighter.

It takes at least one minute to get the right temperature! This is very bad cause the torch often turn-off, especially if you run out of butane. Also the product has a very poor quality. It clearly is a cheap product made in china. The worst thing about it is that the whip smells very bad and it took me ages to get rid of the disgusting plastic smell. When I've recieved it I've send a mail to the distributor right away, asking if that's normal and how to get rid of it... of course I never recieved an answer. The don't seem to care about their customers at all.

This is a product that should produce healthy vapor and I'm not so sure if it really does, based on the material this thing is made of. Better don't buy this!

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DragonVap review

By I-DragonVap on 05-11-2013

This unit is simple to use and gives a very fine vapeflavour of your herbs and raisins..the unlimited temperature (maximum of heat by the jetflame onto the ceramic) can give you the perfect vapour the way you you like it. Get the desired temperature and you have your tonque to feel the right combination of vapour and airflow. Very good price for a good vapourizer that let you have a good vape ecperience.

Ease of use

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