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Herborizer Sphere

The Herborizer is a glass bong-shaped vaporizer with a high-tensile surgical steel heating element. It is produced in a small atelier in France, where it is hand blown. When filled with water, the glass bowl allows for the vapour to cool down before inhalation.

This vape definitely has the looks and works very efficient, just treat it carefully: you don't want to break any of the delicate glass parts!

Available in two sizes. The XL version includes a analog temperature controller and has thicker (3.5mm) glass.

Adjustable temperature
Automatic switch off
Flexible tube
Heat up time
2-4 minutes
Type of heating

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VapoShop United Kingdom
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herborizer review

By marcuss on 10-03-2011

I own the sphere xl and some other hi quality vapes and i can surely say that nothing compares to this amazing vape!

The smoother and tastier vapor experience come true thanks to a safe stainless steel heater element that gives you a costant temperature to get huge tasty hits!

The temp knob let you choose the right temperature for any different plant material but you never reach the combustion.

This healty, simple and effective vape looks very nice to me and i like his hi quality clear pirex glass.
The most important pros are that the upper heating element allow you to let the full bowl on without extracting all the oils and the real glass experience that give you the full aroma from your plant material!

A must for the real vapor connoisseur!

Ease of use

Herborizer Sphere review

By Dampring on 09-08-2011

The greatest vaporiser ever !!

Ease of use

Herborizer Sphere review

By Catsdoittoo on 23-09-2011

I own the sphere and although it's a very nice vape the build quality is not that what you would expect of a device you use everyday..

I'd say drop the whole glass thing, because it breaks to darn fast.

My cat bumped it off the table yesterday...

Ease of use

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