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Vapolution 2.0

The Vapolution Vaporizer is a portable glass-on-glass vaporizer, which means it uses a glass heating element and a glass bowl for enhanced flavor and user experience.

The Vapolution comes with a power adapter and a plug-in 12-volt car adapter so the device could be utilized wherever you may go, whenever. The Vapolution also has a rechargeable battery option. Once charged, the Vapolution will operate continuously for about 2 hours.

The Vapolution has a warm-up time of about 4 minutes.

Adjustable temperature
Automatic switch off
Flexible tube
Heat up time
4-6 minutes
Type of heating

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User submitted vaporizer reviews

Vapolution 2.0 review

By Va Polution on 18-01-2013

I bought this vapourizer (The original green one, Not the 2.0 as shown) and must say that it's the best vape on the market without a doubt!

Many who read that will think I've just never owned anything else. Well, fortunately and not, you would be wrong! It all started about 11 years ago when I was just entering grade 12 and was sick and tired of spending so much money and seemingly just wasting it all. So I decided I should go out and buy one of these vapourizer things I had been hearing so much about! I really wish I didn't have to waste $80 on a fishbowl style "vapourizer" to find out that a little research goes a long way!

After realizing that all vapes are NOT the same, I did some research which led me to the Vapolution (at the time, the ONLY glass-on-glass vape on the market). It only took 2 weeks to come in the mail, from California to Ontario, which I felt was more than fast enough, I can only imagine they're faster now! For the first 3 months of having it, I thought it was worse than my fishbowl one, then I realized the temperature was way too low on it! Once I got used to it and realized the temperature dial should be just a tiny bit left of high noon, it became one of mine and my best friends best friends! I can't believe how efficient it is, and the flavour, mmmm to die for!

After many years of having the Vapolution, I had gotten a bunch of money from saving vacation pay and decided to splurge on a Volcano Classic(at $700 compared to the $175 for the Vapolution). What I found overall is; For 3 people or less the Vapolution is the best Vapourizer on the market, but, for more than 3 people, the Volcano is in a league of its own. Unfortunately the Volcano seriously lacks the flavour and is about half as efficient because it requires so much more just to get it to work well.

Now after 11 years, I sold my Volcano for 450 about 4 years ago in near-new condition (after 3 years of owning it) and still have my Vapolution going strong! I have a V-Tower as well, but I hate it! The V-Tower is terrible compared to so many of its competitors. Don't get me wrong, the V-Tower brings a lot of tricks to the party with its adjustable backlit LED display and all-glass fittings, unfortunately it just feels really generic and has little to no character. Also, if you don't have an oven mitt or tongs, prepare to get burnt!

In summation, the Vapolution is phenominal on every level. Build, fit and finish are all spectacular! The Volcano is a beautiful work of art, but, the price is rather outrageous considering that many of its direct competitors are bringing very similar products out for 2/3 the price.. And at about $190 the V-Tower is not worth the money, even at $130 as I've seen it for, still not worth the money!

Thanks for reading my diatribe of a review! Hope this helps out! :D

Ease of use

Vapolution 2.0 review

By Mike on 05-01-2014

Over all it's easy to use, if your going for looks forget it. But it's not look's are not importent here.
Is it, no it's not. What we want is something that work's and that's what we have. Plane and simple.

Ease of use

Vapolution 2.0 review

By Hammad Haseeb on 28-08-2014

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Vapolution 2.02.866666666666753

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