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Vaporbrothers Hands Free

The Vaporbrothers is the original box-style vaporizer. It has been imitated numerous times, but cheaper knock-offs often contain toxic glues and other harmful materials.

Can be used to vaporize essential herbs as well as oils. The Vaporbrothers comes with a temperature control setting and is very easy to use.

Adjustable temperature
Automatic switch off
Flexible tube
Heat up time
2-4 minutes
Type of heating

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Editor review

Vaporizer Review: Vaporbrothers Hands Free

By Vaporizer Info on 24-11-2010

Vaporbrothers was the first company to introduce the box style vaporizer to the market, in 1999. The unit has been improved since, but the principle has remained the same: a whip is connected to the heating element and the user can draw vapor from the whip. The type we will review is the Hands-Free model, where the whip will stays locked to the unit. Technically, it is a one-hand-free type, since you still have to hold the whip. But more importantly, how does it perform?

The temperature of the Vaporbrothers can be adjusted with a switch on the front of the unit. This button duals as a temperature setting and power button. However, there is no temperature indication. This means it will take some practice to find the right temperature for the herb you are vaporizing. Once you have found out what the best settings is for you, you will have to remember this. What I found out to work best, is to remember the settings as if it were a clock. Which, in the case of Mary Jane, turned out be 12 ‘o clock. After about 5 minutes, the unit was ready to produce decent hits of vapour. Reducing the temperature led to less dense vapour, higher temperatures can turn your herb brownish – a sign that combustion took place.

A major drawback of the VB lies in the design. The heating element sits at an angle, and when placing the whip onto the heater, there is the risk of spilling herb, which can then fall in the inside part of the box – where the wiring is. This opening is needed for air circulation, but I believe it would be an improvement if there was some sort of screen that could prevent anything from falling into this space. To avoid this from happening, tilt the box at an angle when placing the whip onto the heating element.

Compared to some other, more recent vaporizers, the hits that are produced are not as thick, and compared to forced air vaporizers it takes a bit more practice to find out how hard you should draw. However, after using the VB a couple of times, I can’t see why anyone would not like it. The wooden box looks classy (although tastes differ), it produces excellent vapour, and the manufacturer offers 2 years full warranty.

Overall, the Vaporbrothers is an affordable and effective vaporizer that will last for years.

+ Very effective
+ High quality build
+ Good customer service, 2 years full warranty

- The screen inside the wand is tough to replace
- No on/off button, you have to remember your favorite dial position
- Herb could fall into the heater

User submitted vaporizer reviews

vaporbrothers review

By Jacob on 07-03-2010

I've been a smoker for 35 years and came across this little box contraption called the Vapor Brothers only 6 years ago. I've tried vaporizers before and they were worse than bad- they made too much smoke, the vapor tasted really stale, and it took a long time to get a decent hit.

Since using the VB I'm a completely different person. I used to cough a lot and that wasn't too good because my career requires me to talk. Now I have my voice back with no bronchitis and no fear of not being able to work.

Basically, the VB was so efficient and useful I didn't have to smoke and went to vapor full time. The VB unit is simple and quiet and gives hits much more heavy than any other vaporizer. So I had no trouble to use it 100% of the time.

The only other vaporizer I would recommend is the

Ease of use

Vaporbrothers Hands Free review

By Mary J on 27-02-2011

Love the wooden design. It just becomes part of the interior. It's super easy to use and to clean. The vapor it produces is like it should be: soft on the throat and full of aroma's.

Ease of use

Vaporbrothers Hands Free review

By Joe on 11-10-2012

1a) Key Considerations - Excellent alternative to smoking if you're concerned about health.
The hand free model features a glass on glass fitting into its natural mineral unit as well as featuring glass on glass water-pipe attachments, for superior taste of the herbs. I have tried many times and no matter how many times I heat this thing up to maximum temperature, I CANNOT taste anything similar to heated metal or plastic. ONLY the herbs, or the remnants of said herbs that may still be left in the bowl/whip over time. Unless the bowl/whip is clean (which is very easy to clean if you make sure to get the "EZ Change Whip Kit") in that case you taste nothing except the air that is being sucked in through the holes on the bottom of the unit. Try not to place this vaporizer on a dusty, dirty, or moldy surface because these substances may be sucked up from under the vape.

1b) Key Considerations - Still able to satisfy a hearty smokers appetite for fullest body and flavor of draws taken.
This vape is able to yield either very small hits, or very huge hits. As a daily smoker I have been astoundingly happy with the change to a daily vaporbrothers user. I can hit the same bowl for hours all the while taking dozens of full bodied hits. This is all dependent of individual skill and temperature use which will be discussed later. There are times when a pre-mature temperature increase will cause your bowl to only yield a couple of inefficient, charred hits.

2a) Construction - Design - Heating element, box, and plastic whip.
Made in th U.S.A., it is a passive airflow convection vaporizer featuring factory calibrated temperature control with "Robust Response" technology. The heating element consists of porcelainite (baked shale and clay) and ceramic air mixing tip. The ceramic and glass mouthpieces, bowls, and attachments are quite breakable, if you drop or smash them. There is no on/off switch. Turning the dial clockwise will turn it on, and all the way counterclockwise to turn off. The design is simple, yet elegant.
The box itself, (after all it is the first "box" style vape!) is made of low VOC baltic birch plywood from Russian & European suppliers. One flaw with design is the fact that herbs may fall out of the bowl when you place or remove it from the heating element, but you can easily turn the unit upside down and shake it after you turn it off to remove whatever fell in. You use a pick, (something like a long toothpick, or shishkebab skewer) to maneuver the herbs around and pack them. The unit is sturdy, although lightweight. If you pull the whip it could easily fall off the table. Either way, unlike most apparatuses for consuming herbs via inhalation it is not too fragile. I'v had my vape fall a couple of times and its still fine.
The plastic whip is very convenient, and can even be converted for use with water-pipes with its glass on glass attachment. However, I find it to be quite unruly, although an inanimate object, as it may take some tweaking to wedge in a position in which it won't knock anything or itself over. The plastic whip is custom formulated from medical grade clear plastic.

2b) Construction - Safety
The heating element consists of porcelainite (baked shale and clay) and ceramic air mixing tip. The glass featured is laboratory grade scientific glass. The plastic whip is custom formulated from medical grade clear plastic. Vaporbrothers Hands Free Model is NSF-61 compliant and FDA approved. Vaporbrothers Hands Free Model is tested free of Lead, Mercury, Hexavalent Chromium, and many more types of harmful chemical byproducts. No aluminum or plastic is used in the heating element. Try not to touch the tip of the bowl, or glass fitting of the heating element of the unit until 10 minutes after use. The hand-piece of the whip and bowl, however, is easy to hold and doesn't get hot.

3) Vapor Skill - Temperature Control, Cleaning, Maintaining.
There is absolutely no need for an on/off switch. The design is simple. Treating the dial like a clock to tell temperature usually works best. 9 o' clock is 310 degrees fahrenheit, 12 o' clock is 350, and the maximum setting is 425.
Many things are important to consider, and to be knowledgeable and capable of if you want to be a good "vape-tender" (similar to a bartender). Since the unit's heat will be passed the point of activation of certain popular ingredients when it is only at, say, 10 o' clock, makes it quite easy to overheat your bowl of herb. This is why it takes some getting used to, and is no need to be frustrated. Grinding the herbs and occasionally stirring the herbs should be considered, as well environmental factors and individual quality of each particular strain, species, or type of herb. They all have different qualities. Vaporizing a very moist herb will yield better results than a very dry one.
With a long pick, or the EZ Change Whip Kit, it is easy to remove, change, and clean your screens and attachments. Very easy, I take it apart and clean the screen before like every other session. Clean attachments/screens with isopropyl alcohol, warm water, and salt. That is not necessary though, I am just anal retentive/OCD I guess, but I like a clean experience.
One great thing about this vape, is that over time, it makes its own resinous concentrate of whatever herb you happened to be vaporizing within its whip and its attachments. The vaporbros "pick tool" or similar tools like it will do a great job of collecting this resinous concentrate.

4) Final Thoughts - Price, Enjoyability, Healthier Lifestyle
I would tell anyone to buy this vape if they mostly vape at home and either alone or with a few people. It is the best in its class and is very smart for your pocket. The it certainly beats out the competition in many peoples opinions. If it was $400 - $600 dollars it wouldn't beat out the competition, but since for less than $300 you can get this vaporizer AND a portable Magic Flight Launch Box from the vaporwarehouse it is a no-brainer to me. Those who are on a budget, or are just overly concerned with the flavor of their herbs and safety of the process should invest in this product for their "at home" use, as this product will conserve your herbs if you are a habitual smoker/vaporizer/essential oiler.
This product comes with an essential oil attachment by the way, for aroma therapy. It is great for using alone or with a couple of people. Groups of people may get impatient dealing with one single vaporbros unit in party situations., if they all want to keep on hitting it, that is.
I thought I had to give up smoking because my beautiful beaker base glass water pipe, that had a carbon filter, was making my smoke sessions MORE unhealthier than they already were. I was experiencing sore throats and even worse coughing up blood as the days of taking huge rips went by. Like every smoker (keyword *smoke*) I was loosing lung capacity and had trouble catching my breath doing strenuous physical activity. The Vaporbrothers original box style, Hands Free vaporizer has changed that. I feel like I can breath again. I'm much happier and haven't coughed up blood since.
If you are concerned about the smell of the vapor or the vaporizer, it WILL smell, but only about a fraction as much as if you would have smoked in the same area. You should be more concerned about the smell of your herbs stinking up the place.

5) Product Warranty and Customer Service
The product comes with many forms instructing you on how to register your product with the official distributor and retailer of Vaporbrothers products. If you succeed in registering your vaporbros model you can get your model fix or tweaked for 2 years if anything screwed up happens to it. After that 2 years, all you would have to pay is a $35 shipping fee.
*Very efficient customer support. A bunch of nice guys, over there, in Livermore California*

Ease of use

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