The Alivi8 Vaporizer is a portable vaporizer that uses a flame as heat source. The medical grade steel it is made of allows for a safe vaporization experience and at the same time acts as a tough outer shell. The herb chamber is seperated from the filter, to prevent the flame touching the herb.
Portable$ 71.470-2 minutes(Torch) Lighter
The Arizer Extreme-Q is a high quality vaporizer from Canada that is very easy to use. It can be used as draw-style vaporizer, or one can use it with balloons. The Arizer Extreme has a remote control and a three speed fan. The unit is very compact and lightweight, and comes with extra screens, mouthpieces and other accessories. Key features:
  • Lifetime warranty
  • Auto shutdown function
  • Interchangeable glass mouthpieces
  • Remote control
Adjustable temperatureDigitalAutomatic switch offBalloonsFlexible tube$ 273.770-2 minutesConvection
The Arizer Solo measures about the size of a soda can and weighs just under 200 grams (7 ounces). A LED indicator shows the current temperature. When turned off and on, the Solo remembers the last used temperature. There are 7 preset temperatures: 1: 122°F ( 50°C) 2: 365°F (185°C) 3: 374°F (190°C) 4: 383°F (195°C) 5: 392°F (200°C) 6: 401°F (205°C) 7: 410°F (210°C)
PortableAdjustable temperatureAutomatic switch off$ 218.790-2 minutesConvection
The Arizer V-Tower is a popular, attractively priced whip-type vaporizer. The long rotating whip and upright cyclone bowl make it very easy to use. The V-Tower comes with a host of accessories and extras. Key features: - Digital (LCD) temperature control - Auto shut off timer - Cool to touch unit - Glass bowl and mouthpieces
Adjustable temperatureDigitalAutomatic switch offFlexible tube$ 185.810-2 minutesConvection
As you inhale, a halogen light bulb heats up the air flowing through the herb. The vapor is then purified by an additional water filter. With the Aromed you can vaporize fresh or dried plant material, tinctures, and essential oils.
Adjustable temperatureDigitalAutomatic switch offWaterfilterFlexible tube$ 384.810-2 minutesConvection
The Ascent Vaporizer is a portable vaporizer made by the manufacturer of the DaVinci. It runs on two internal (non user-replaceable) rechargeable batteries. These li-ion batteries can provide for up to 120 minutes of (continuous) vaporization. The vapor path of the Ascent is all glass and the mouth piece is retractable, allowing for easy (and safe) transportation. Ascent Vaporizer Features:
  • Dual mouthpiece
  • 2+ hours of battery life
  • All glass vapor path
  • Can be used to vaporize oils & herbs
PortableAdjustable temperatureDigitalAutomatic switch off$ 295.760-2 minutesConduction
One of the first electric vaporizers, developed in 1995 and improved upon since then. It utilizes the conduction method of conduction vaporization, which means the herb gets in direct contact with a hot surface. To use it, lift up the glass cover, fill the metal bowl with herb, replace the glass cover and wait until the vapor starts to accumulate.
Flexible tube$ 86.866+ minutesConduction
Da Buddha is a U.S.A. made whip type vaporizer. The ceramic heating element is made from high purity Alumina ceramic, one of the finest types of ceramic. The glass parts are made of high quality Schotte brand borosilicate glass. The housing of Da Buddha is made of aluminum, and is designed so that it is safe to touch while vaporizing. Key features: - Adjustable temperature (100-260°C) - Stay cool design - Comes with a padded carry case - Ceramic heater - Hands-free - Start up time: 3 minutes
Adjustable temperatureAutomatic switch offFlexible tube$ 185.812-4 minutesConvection
The DaVinci Vaporizer is a compact, battery powered pocket vaporizer. Three built-in lithium batteries allow for up to 45 minutes of constant vaporization. Temperature control ranges from 100°-430°F (40-221°C) and the actual/set temperature is digitally displayed on the side of the unit. The DaVinci Vaporizer can also be used to vaporize (essential) oils by using the 'Oil Can' accessory, which is available seperately.
PortableAdjustable temperatureDigitalAutomatic switch offFlexible tube$ 219.890-2 minutesConvection
De Verdamper was created by Dutch cannabis activist Evert. The combination of a heating element and a robust glass bong make for an excellent water-cooled vaporizer. De Verdamper vaporizes the active substances in herbs at a temperature of around 200°C (392°F).
Automatic switch offWaterfilter$ 362.826+ minutesConvection
The Dragon Vap is a portable butane powered vaporizer. It is also known as 'Porto Vap' or 'Dragon Vap DVP-600'. The unit is cheap, but this shows in the construction quality.
PortableFlexible tube$ 65.974-6 minutesConvection
To use this glass vaporizer one must remove the screen, put the grinded herb inside the bowl and put the screen back again. One then heats the underside of the bowl (with a torch lighter) until vapor is present. To make more vapor one must shake the pipe carefully.
PortableAutomatic switch off$ 17.590-2 minutes(Torch) Lighter
The Easy Vape Digital is a box style (convection) vaporizer that looks a lot like the Vaporbrothers vaporizer, but features some additional options, such as a digital temperature display. However, instead of wood, the unit is made of plastic, giving it a cheaper feel. The overall build quality is rather poor, as well. We wouldn't recommend buying this vaporizer.
Adjustable temperatureDigitalAutomatic switch offFlexible tube$ 185.814-6 minutesConvection
The Element vaporizer is manufactured by the same company as the portable Vapman. It is handmade in Switzerland. Available in Deluxe (nut wood) and Standard (beech wood) version.
WaterfilterFlexible tube$ 313.352-4 minutesConvection
The Essential VAAAPP EV100 (or Eclipse Vape Pipe) is a simple to use hand held vaporizer that was specifically designed for essential oils and refined herbal concentrates. It is usable for a wide variety of medicinal botanicals. The Essential Vape is availabe in several different colors and comes with a storage case and two glass vials.
PortableAutomatic switch off$ 86.860-2 minutes(Torch) Lighter
Introduced to the market in late 2013, the Firefly vaporizer is a convection heated portable vaporizer that is powered by a replaceable lithium battery. While originally intended for use with herbs, the separately available Concentrate Pads enable use with (solid) concentrates as well. While the Firefly operates at a fixed temperature, the user can experiment with the temperature by keeping the heat button pressed for a prolonged time, and inhaling faster or slower.
PortableAutomatic switch off$ 306.750-2 minutesConvection
The Firewood Vaporizer is a handcrafted conduction/convection based portable vaporizer. It uses a built-in Lithium battery as power source. It has an advertised battery life of up to 40 minutes. Specifications:
  • Heating Chamber: borosilicate glass, nichrome wire, brass screen
  • Batteries: 4.8V nominal, 2200mAh capacity
  • Housing: Maple hardwood (other hardwoods also available) with mineral oil/beeswax finish
Portable$ 130.840-2 minutesConvection
The FlashVAPE is a battery-operated portable handheld vaporizer and is made in Canada. For its power source it uses a single, specialized high capacity 18650 Li-ion battery. This replaceable battery is slightly larger than a AA-battery and contains enough power for up to 1 hour of use per charge. Each FlashVAPE comes with 2 batteries, a charger and several accessories. FlashVAPE features:
  • See-thru window to see the vapour accumulate
  • 5 second heat-up time
  • Large 1" bowl
  • Works with concentrates and loose herb
PortableAutomatic switch off$ 120.940-2 minutesConduction
The Flowermate V5.0 (also sold under the name Vaporsense and Vapormax-V) is a single-button portable vaporizer produced by Smiss, a Chinese-based e-cigarette manufacturer. The Flowermate is their first dry-herb vaporizer. Also available is the V5.0S, a slightly more expensive edition of the V5.0, but featuring three preset temperatures.
Portable$ 119.840-2 minutesConvection
The HerbalAire vaporizer can be used as a direct inhalation unit, but can also be used to fill bags with vapor. Eighteen tiny jets of precisely heated air permeate the herb only when the user inhales or when the pump for the bag fill kit is turned on.
Adjustable temperatureDigitalAutomatic switch offBalloonsFlexible tube$ 238.584-6 minutesConvection
The Herborizer is a glass bong-shaped vaporizer with a high-tensile surgical steel heating element. It is produced in a small atelier in France, where it is hand blown. When filled with water, the glass bowl allows for the vapour to cool down before inhalation. This vape definitely has the looks and works very efficient, just treat it carefully: you don't want to break any of the delicate glass parts! Available in two sizes. The XL version includes a analog temperature controller and has thicker (3.5mm) glass.
Adjustable temperatureWaterfilter$ 285.862-4 minutesConvection
Just like its bong shaped sister, the Herborizer Sphere, this cylindrical shaped vaporizer is made of PYREX glass and uses a heat injector consisting of a stainless steel encased ceramic element which connects to standard ground glass joints. Available in a a regular or an XL version. The regular version has an heating element with a fixed temperature of 190° celsius. The XL version has a thicker glass (3.5 mm) and a temperature control knob.
Adjustable temperatureWaterfilter$ 273.772-4 minutesConvection
The Hot Box is a square-shaped electric conduction type vaporizer. It is very easy to use but also lacks some important features such as temperature control or automatic shutdown. Nontheless, it does what it needs to do and the vapour it produces is of excellent quality. If you are looking for simplicity at a good price you might want to take a closer look at the Hot Box vaporizer.
Adjustable temperatureFlexible tube$ 196.806+ minutesConvection
The Inhalater (INH004) is a marker shaped portable vaporizer that was first released in summer 2012. In December of that year, the Inhalater XP (Xtra Performance) was released, featuring both cosmetical and internal changes. The bowl of the Inhalater is shaped in the form of a capsule and is fabricated from flexible, yet heat resistant material (polyimide). Each capsule holds approximately .4 grams of finely shredded material. Equipped with a built-in lithium Ion battery, a fully charged Inhalater lasts about an hour.
PortableAdjustable temperatureAutomatic switch offFlexible tube$ 273.770-2 minutesConvection
The iolite original is a revolutionary cordless vaporizer. It was introduced in 2008 by Irish manufacturer Oglesby and Butler, and soon became one of the most sought after portable vaporizing devices. The iolite works on butane, and has a built-in ignition mechanism - therefore no batteries are required.
PortableAutomatic switch off$ 152.834-6 minutesConvection
The Life Saber Vaporizer is a multi-use electric vape from the same company that makes the Da Buddha and Silver Surfer. The LSV can easily be attached to any water pipe with the special attachment.
Adjustable temperatureFlexible tube$ 274.870-2 minutesConvection
The Lotus Vaporizer is a portable convection type vaporizer that uses a lighter for its heat source. Instead of letting the heat from the lighter pass through a filter screen, it uses the heat exchanger to conduct heat to the herb. The Lotus is to be used with a special 'goose neck' type lighter, to keep the user from inhaling butane fumes.
Portable$ 97.850-2 minutes(Torch) Lighter
The Magic-Flight Launch Box is a portable vaporizer that works on a single rechargeable AA battery. Heat is generated through infrared (IR) and conduction. It is the smallest vape in the industry. One battery lasts about 10-15 hits, but an additional battery and a charger are included. The MFLB heats up in less than 5 seconds! Various accessories, including a Power Adapter for use at home, have become available since the introduction in 2008. MFLB product update summary: 2010: The edges of the box are now rounded.
PortableAutomatic switch off$ 109.950-2 minutesConduction
The MiniVAP is a high-end portable vaporizer that is manufactured in Spain. It uses a lithium battery which can be removed, effectively turning the MiniVAP into a home-use vaporizer. It is said to be equipped with one of the most accurate and precise heating systems. MiniVAP features:
  • battery life of up to 3 hours
  • 4 levels of temperature control
  • Lab-tasted components
  • Auto-off after 10 minutes of inactivity
PortableAdjustable temperatureAutomatic switch off$ 515.650-2 minutesConvection
The miVape by Vaporfection is a compact portable vaporizer that works on a built-in rechargeable battery. The temperature can be adjusted by the user and runs from 300 degrees Fahrenheit (148ºC) up to a maximum temperature of 400 degrees (200ºC). A glass stem sits under the flip cover. The miVape can be used when charging. The battery is good for 3-4 hours, depending on the temperature setting. The miVape is scheduled for release around May 2014.
PortableAdjustable temperatureAutomatic switch off$ 328.740-2 minutesConvection
The Noble Vapor VP110 features a silver-colored metal body with a glass foot. When you turn it on the blue, green and red LEDs put on a nice light show. The unit is very easy to use, portable and affordable. Just don't expect it to last for ages.
Adjustable temperatureAutomatic switch offFlexible tube$ 53.876+ minutesConvection
The Noble Vapor VP300 is a low budget conduction vaporizer designed for those who cannot afford a more expensive convection based vaporizer. The herb is placed in a hot metal bowl so its essential oils are released into a fine vapour, which collects in the globe until it's inhaled.
Adjustable temperatureAutomatic switch offFlexible tube$ 40.686+ minutesConduction
The Noble Vapor VP600 heats up rapidly and has a built-in fan to facilitate airflow into the vaporizer. This makes inhaling smoother and the fan also helps to control temperature by circulating new air into the vaporizer. The digital display shows the temperature both in Celsius and Fahrenheit as well as current and set temperature. Temperature control on this vaporizer is flawless and it can go up to 298 degrees Celsius. The frame of this vaporizer is made from pure metal, giving it extra protection and endurance.
Adjustable temperatureDigitalAutomatic switch offWaterfilterFlexible tube$ 150.636+ minutesConvection
The Omicron Vaporizer (2/2.5) is a pen-style (e-cig shaped) vaporizer that is suitable for concentrates and oils. The Omicron uses non glycerin based cartridges that can be filled with (almost) any concentrate or oil. Each cartridge can provide up to 400 hits - depending on the potency of the oil or concentrate used. The Omicron/O-PHOS works on a built-in lithium ion rechargeable battery.
PortableFlexible tube$ 164.920-2 minutesConvection
The PALM 2.0 is a portable vaporizer that uses a rechargeable NiMH AA-battery as its power source. It is the successor to the PALM Vaporizer and is manufactured by VaporBLUNT. On average, a fully charged battery will support 30 minutes of continuous vaporization. One load will provide between 4 to 8 draws, depending on your usage/taste preferences. Included with the PALM 2.0 are: 2 x Batteries 2 x Mouthpiece Tips 1 x Battery Charger 1 x Instruction Manual
Portable$ 130.840-2 minutesConduction
The PALM is a compact portable vaporizer that uses a single reachargeable NiMH AA-battery to operate. It is manufactured by the makers of the VaporBlunt.
Portable$ 109.950-2 minutesConvection
The Pax Vaporizer is designed by San Francisco based company Ploom. This compact pocket vaporizer features a push-button mouthpiece (that doubles as an on/off switch), three temperature levels, rapid heating and a ‘sleep’ mode when not in use. A LED light gives an indication of the current and set temperature and the battery status. Recharging Pax' internal battery (from completely flat) takes one hour, a fully charged battery will last up to two hours. The three temperature settings correspond to the following heater temperatures:
PortableAdjustable temperatureAutomatic switch off$ 212.200-2 minutesConduction
The Pinnacle vaporizer is a portable vaporizer manufactured by the same company who brought the VaporBlunt and PALM 2.0 vaporizers. It operates on a built-in, rechargeable battery and features two temperature settings. Pinnacle Vaporizer Features:
  • 90 minute battery life
  • 2 temperature settings
  • heats up in under 2 minutes
  • auto shut-off after 10 minutes of use
Dimensions: 5" / 12 cm (length) x 1" / 2.5 cm (diameter) Optional is a glass water tube attachment called the Glass Hydro Tube.
PortableAdjustable temperatureAutomatic switch offWaterfilter$ 262.770-2 minutesConvection
The Plenty Vaporizer is a non-portable, electric handheld vaporizer that was developed by Storz & Bickel, the manufacturer of the Volcano Vaporizers. An analog temperature meter indicates the current temperature. The adjustable temperature ranges between 130°C to 202°C (266°F to 395°F). The inhalation piece consists of a flexible stainless steel coil to cool the inhaled vapor. A plastic mouthpiece is fitted at the end. Dimensions: 15.5 x 22.5 x 5.5 cm (6.1" x 8.9" x 22") (including power cord) Weight: 0.7 kg (1.5 lbs)
Adjustable temperatureAutomatic switch offFlexible tube$ 272.670-2 minutesConvection
The PUFFiT Vaporizer by Discreet Vape is a stealthy pocket sized vaporizer that very much resembles the looks of an inhaler.
PortableAdjustable temperatureAutomatic switch off$ 174.810-2 minutesConvection
The PUFFiT-X is an updated version of the PUFFiT Vaporizer, featuring an internal ventilator. This makes it the world's first forced air portable vaporizer. The PUFFiT-X was introduced to the market in August 2013. Similar to the original PUFFiT, the PUFFiT-X features temperature control and charges via USB. Heating up takes around 30 seconds.
PortableAdjustable temperatureAutomatic switch off$ 163.820-2 minutesConvection
The Purple Days is a US made, hand crafted vaporizer. It is available in several different types of wood. In addition, this vaporizer is about the size of a soda can and virtually indestructible. In durability tests, it survived being run over by a large truck, freezing cold, being tumbled in a commercial dryer amongst other methods. Due to the rather slow warm-up time (30+ minutes) and low power use (7.2 watts), most users report to keep it plugged in 24/7.
$ 131.946+ minutesConvection
The RooR Vapor is a glass vaporizer that consists of a heating element (injector) and glass body. It is available in two editions. The Basic set has a fixed temperature (375°F / 190°C) and the XL set comes with adjustable temperature control between 90°C / 195°F and 230°C / 445°F.
Adjustable temperatureWaterfilter$ 522.246+ minutesConvection
The Silver Surfer Vaporizer (SSV) is a slick looking and solid whip style vaporizer. It comes in a non-hands free version but can easily be upgraded to a hands-free version. The heater is made of high quality ceramic. The parts that come in contact with heat are made of borosilicate lab glass. Key features: - Solid aluminum housing - Adjustable temperature - Startup time: 2-4 minutes
Adjustable temperatureAutomatic switch offFlexible tube$ 284.762-4 minutesConvection
The Sonic Vaporizer is a handheld vaporizer that works on a built-in battery. It features temperature control and a digital display. Note: Members from the vaporizer community who tried this vaporizer have expressed their concerns over possible offgassing.
PortableAdjustable temperatureDigitalAutomatic switch off$ 251.780-2 minutesConvection
The StealthVape is a bullet-shaped portable vaporizer that measures about the size of a regular lighter. A single stripped AA (rechargeable) battery is used as power source. The stainless steel heating element heats to 250°C (480° Fahrenheit) in 5-6 seconds. By unscrewing the upper part, the bowl is revealed. The bottom of the device holds the battery. After the battery is inserted and the bowl is filled, the StealthVape is switched on by two turns of the knob on the bottom of the vaporizer. Size: 3.75" (9.25 cm) Comes with a lifetime warranty
Portable$ 108.850-2 minutesConvection
The Oracle Vaporizer is a box shaped, forced-air vaporizer that can give both whip and bag delivery of vapor. The Oracle uses a shortwave infrared emitter as it's main heating element, which in turn produces conduction from the glass and convection through the air path. With a heat-up time of under 10 seconds, The Oracle is amongst the fastest heating electric vapes available. The temperature can be adjusted through a knob on the front.
Adjustable temperatureBalloonsFlexible tube$ 405.700-2 minutesConvection
The ThermoVape is a fully portable vaporizer that operates on two rechargeable lithium batteries. Two fully-charged batteries will last about one session/bowl. 4 batteries and a charger are included with the ThermoVape Vaporizer kit. The ThermoVape operates at a temperature of 390-400 Degrees Fahrenheit (198 - 204°C). An adapter kit which allows the user to vaporize concentrates and oils is separately available (ThermoVape Revolution) Available in black and white Weight: 3.5 ounce (~100 gram)
Portable$ 313.350-2 minutesConvection
The Underdog Vaporizer is a compact log-style vaporizer that comes in a wide variety of sizes, shapes and wood types.
$ 219.896+ minutesConvection
The unique and patented construction of this device guarantees that the vapors are cooled down before they reach your mouth. Laboratory glass (Borosilicate 3.3), high quality silicone and filters (made of brass) assure a long durability, easy cleaning and hygiene. Vapbongs are small: they fit in nearly every pocket.
PortableAutomatic switch off$ 53.870-2 minutes(Torch) Lighter
The Vape-or-Smoke is a portable handheld vaporizer that uses a butane lighter inside the unit as a fuel source. The size of the flame can be adjusted so either combustion or vaporization takes place. Available in two versions: The Ninja Edition and Original (first generation) version. The Ninja Edition includes a grade stainless steel bowl (instead of brass), a plastic mouthpiece, an improved butane torch lighter and a longer ashcatcher.
PortableAdjustable temperature$ 131.940-2 minutesConvection
The VapeXhale Cloud is a temperature adjustable tabletop vaporizer that was created by a group of vaporizer enthusiasts. Its unique features include moisture conditioned vapor, an all glass vapor path and an all glass delivery system.
Adjustable temperatureAutomatic switch offWaterfilter$ 494.764-6 minutesConvection
This improved vaporizer from Vapir has a super charge heating element which speeds up the heating process and enhances the vaporization. A 3-speed van allows you to control the air flow. An in-built lock allows you to protect your Vapir against unauthorized usage. Other features include: easy and user-friendly controls, an optimized tray to minimize waste, accurate digital temperature controls, state-of-the-art software to create a perfect vaporization environment, easy cleaning and a digital illuminated LCD screen that lights up in the dark.
Adjustable temperatureDigitalAutomatic switch offBalloonsFlexible tube$ 163.824-6 minutesConvection
The Vapir NO2 is a portable vaporizer powered by a built-in rechargeable battery. When charged, it will run for about 3-4 uses. The unit heats up in less than 2 minutes. The digital temperature displays allows the user to monitor the exact temperature. The NO2 is slightly larger in size than the iolite portable vaporizer, but does not require butane to operate. However, having to charge the battery regularly might be considered as a downside by some.
PortableAdjustable temperatureDigitalAutomatic switch offFlexible tube$ 185.810-2 minutesConvection
The Vapir Oxygen Mini is a very small, hand-held vaporizer. In combination with a battery-pack it can be turned into a portable vaporizer. Features a digital temperature display and controls. The potency of pulls produced by the Oxygen is average compared to other (portable) vaporizers.
PortableAdjustable temperatureDigitalAutomatic switch off$ 106.652-4 minutesConvection
The VapirRise is a dual-system (whip and bag) desktop vaporizer and is manufactured by Vapir. It was introduced to the market in May 2013. Features of the VapirRise include:
  • For use with up to four people (through multi-user whip adapter)
  • Can be used with loose-leaf, oils and concentrates
  • Digital temperature display
  • Built-in (replaceable) HEPA filter
Adjustable temperatureDigitalBalloonsFlexible tube$ 273.770-2 minutesConvection
The Vapman is a small, butane powered portable vaporizer. A torch lighter is required to heat it up. Vapman uses a combination of conduction and convection to achieve optimal vaporisation. It is hand crafted in Switzerland, which explains the cost of the unit. The Vapman comes in a hard shelled egg shape, protecting it against damage.
Portable$ 104.450-2 minutes(Torch) Lighter
This vaporizer is made of lab glass and consists of a bulb (diameter 5 cm) and a tube (10 cm) joined together by a plastic cap. The only thing you need is a torch lighter and something to vape. Inexpensive, but prone to breakage and burning of the herb.
PortableAutomatic switch off$ 15.390-2 minutes(Torch) Lighter
The Vapo-bowl has a universal thread, so it can be attached to all kinds of pipes and bongs, turning them into effective vaporizers. You can easily change the temperature inside the bowl by adjusting the screen position.
PortableAutomatic switch offWaterfilter$ 7.700-2 minutes(Torch) Lighter
The Vapocane is a glass piece that can turn a glass bong into a vaporizer. The Vapocane is placed on the chillum, and needs to be heated with a torch lighter. When lighting and inhaling at the same time, hot air will be drawn through the Vapocane and reaches the herb placed in the chillum, allowing for vaporisation. Note: A less expensive Vapocane is available under the name Vapocane B. This China made version is of signficant lower quality than the original Vapocane.
Portable$ 53.870-2 minutes(Torch) Lighter
The Vapolution Vaporizer is a portable glass-on-glass vaporizer, which means it uses a glass heating element and a glass bowl for enhanced flavor and user experience. The Vapolution comes with a power adapter and a plug-in 12-volt car adapter so the device could be utilized wherever you may go, whenever. The Vapolution also has a rechargeable battery option. Once charged, the Vapolution will operate continuously for about 2 hours. The Vapolution has a warm-up time of about 4 minutes.
Adjustable temperatureFlexible tube$ 218.794-6 minutesConvection
The Vaponic is a small portable vaporizer designed for use with a standard butane lighter as a heat source. It is the successor to the VapBong and features a number of upgrades that allow for increased efficiency and make it easier to use. Moreover, VapBong owners can upgrade their VapBong to a Vaponic by purchasing an upgrade kit. The Vaponic vaporizer can be used with a normal lighter, but use with a jetflame/torch lighter is faster and more efficient.
Portable$ 43.980-2 minutes(Torch) Lighter
The Dabbler is a collaboration between vaporizer veterans Vaporbrothers and one of the originators of the pen-style vape, Vape-Pen. The result is a compact pen-vape that is suitable for oils and extracts. There is no bowl or cartridge, the oil must be applied (dabbed) directly onto the heater coil inside the vaporizer. The Dabbler features a built-in lithium battery that charges via mini-USB - the vaporizer can be used while charging.
Portable$ 130.840-2 minutesConduction
The Vaporbrothers is the original box-style vaporizer. It has been imitated numerous times, but cheaper knock-offs often contain toxic glues and other harmful materials. Can be used to vaporize essential herbs as well as oils. The Vaporbrothers comes with a temperature control setting and is very easy to use.
Adjustable temperatureAutomatic switch offFlexible tube$ 181.412-4 minutesConvection
The Vapor Daddy Deluxe is a hands-free, whip-based box vaporizer. It features a removable (ceramic) heating element, glass-on-glass heating and adjustable temperature.
Adjustable temperatureFlexible tube$ 130.842-4 minutesConvection
The VaporGenie is a small and lightweight vaporizer pipe. It uses a flame for heating up the unique 'flame filter' ceramic heating element. The technique takes some practice, but once mastered it works extremely efficient. The VaporGenie is an excellent and affordable choice for those who like to vaporize away from home. Available in assorted colours and shapes.
PortableAutomatic switch off$ 49.480-2 minutes(Torch) Lighter
The VaporGenie Aluminum Bat is a handheld vaporizer pipe that requires a (torch) lighter as heat source. The ceramic filter protects your vapeables from burning. Lightweight and virtually impossible to break. The Aluminum Bat consists of two pieces of interconnectable anodized aluminum, increasing its portability even more.
Portable$ 42.880-2 minutes(Torch) Lighter
The VaporGenie Volta is a portable vaporizer that operates on a rechargeable lithium battery. A LED-battery indicator shows when the battery needs to be recharged. The Volta is manufactured in the USA by VaporGenie.
Portable$ 119.840-2 minutes
This vaporizer has a digital temperature control, LCD screen digital read out and adjustable airflow. This Vapormatic Deluxe heatens the herbs and releases their vapor into a large polythene 'balloon'. The balloon has a valve, so you can pass it on after taking a hit. It is also possible to use this vaporizer 'direct draw style'.
Adjustable temperatureDigitalAutomatic switch offBalloons$ 241.880-2 minutesConvection
With the Vaporstar you can easily turn your glass bong into a high quality vaporizer. The Vaporstar is very easy to use. A butane gas flame is drawn through the Vaporstar using he power of the lungs, which heats up a small steel star contained within the extraction chamber. From the star sixteen points of heat surround and penetrate the herb, driving the temperature upwards until vapor is seen in the glassware.
PortableAutomatic switch offWaterfilter$ 29.690-2 minutes(Torch) Lighter
The viVape is an electric vaporizer that features dual-delivery method: it can be used with bag (balloons) or whip. It is manufactured by the US-based company Vaporfection. The viVape is the first vaporizer to use a touch-screen control panel. viVape features and specifications: - Dual use (bag/whip) - Maximum temperature: 374 degrees Fahrenheit/190 degrees Celsius. - Digital temperature control (touchscreen) - 110/240 voltage for universal use - Auto shutdown feature Dimensions: Height: 7.75" (19.7 cm)
Adjustable temperatureDigitalAutomatic switch offBalloonsFlexible tube$ 328.740-2 minutesConvection
The Volcano Classic is an extremely efficient vaporizer that is used to inflate balloons with vapour. While it is one of the most expensive units on the market, it is still regarded as one of the best vaporizers money can buy.
Adjustable temperatureAutomatic switch offBalloons$ 436.492-4 minutesConvection
The Volcano Digit has been around for quite some years, but is still one of the most popular vaporizers on the market. The quality is top notch, much like its (less expensive) brother, the Classic. The Volcano Digit features a digital temperature display that allows for precision temperature control. Another nifty feature is the automatic shut down function.
Adjustable temperatureDigitalAutomatic switch offBalloons$ 546.43Convection
The WISPR (or WISPR 2) is a butane-powered portable vaporizer, manufactured by the Irish company Oglesby & Butler. It is the successor to the iolite ORIGINAL. Besides a brand new design, the WISPR features a foldable, flexible mouthpiece (stem), a larger butane tank and a fuel level window. The built-in thermostat is set to maintain a (non-adjustable) temperature of 374°F (190°C). The butane reservoir is said to hold enough fuel to last up to 3 hours of vaporizing.
PortableFlexible tube$ 218.792-4 minutesConvection
The eye-catching Ion is made with high quality stainless steel and mesh -the finest safest materials, keeping impurities out and sealing flavor in. Its custom-designed, fully enclosed ceramic heating element has 32 separate heat and air channels that separate the airflow from the heating coils. The Zephyr Ion is a dual system, meaning it can be used with a balloon and a direct whip/draw style vape.
Adjustable temperatureAutomatic switch offBalloonsFlexible tube$ 271.572-4 minutesConvection