The AirVape X is a very attractive looking portable vaporizer which is reminiscent of a retro Motorola portable phone.

AirVape X is a convection/conduction hybrid with a ceramic mouthpiece and chamber and complete temperature control. It has a rugged macho feel to it and allows for concentrates. I was interested to see how it would perform.

AirVape X: not dissimilar to a retro phone

AirVape X: not dissimilar to a retro phone

AirVape X Performance

The AirVape X appears to have a decent sized battery and heating time is reasonably fast. The haptic feedback gives you a nice buzz once it’s at the desired temperature.

The ceramic heating chamber and mouthpiece helped keep a clean taste to the hybrid convection conduction vapour clouds. There is no resistance when you draw.

AirVape X Value For Money 

The AirVape X is fair value for money. It performs well as a vape and comes in an attractive package. It has no fancy bells and whistles but then it doesn’t need them as it ticks most of the check boxes that make a portable vape worth buying.

AirVape X: what's in the box?

AirVape X: what’s in the box?

AirVape X Build quality

Build quality is good. The exterior finish is excellent. I like the design which is reminiscent of a retro iPod or Motorola phone. It’s not as clean as an Apple product through. The buttons on the front look nice and seem solid enough but do jiggle a bit when you touch them – that would’ve never passed the Steve Jobs test. They even jiggle when you shake the device. For me this is the only thing that lets the AirVape X down in terms of build quality. It’s nit picking though.

The screen has a lovely mirror finish and the display is bright enough when the device is activated. The mouthpiece is sturdy and the magnet holding the top is strong.

AirVape X: clear display

AirVape X: clear display but plasticky buttons

AirVape X User friendliness

The device performs well, fits comfortably in your pocket and looks good but what’s it like to use?

– Loading

To load, snap off the mouthpiece that is held in place with magnets. The bowl is big enough but I would’ve still liked it a tad bigger. At 0.25 grams it is bigger than the previous version (0.2 grams). Both the Mighty and Crafty offer you a 0.3 gram chamber – though it’s probably not fair to compare it to the Mighty given it’s stealthy form. One can only assume the heating chamber size is restricted by the slimness of the device. Depending on how you intend to use your AirVape it may not be an issue.

AirVape X: ceramic heating chamber

AirVape X: ceramic heating chamber

– Setting Temperature

Once the AirVape X is activated it’ll heat to your desired temperature. You press the up and down arrow buttons to adjust the temperature. This gives you complete control over heating – which I like. You can easily switch between degrees Celsius and Fahrenheit.

AirVape X: cool vents

AirVape X: cool vents

– Ease of Use

Tap the on button three times to turn on the device. It then starts to heat to your desired temperature. An animated fan spins to show that it is heating. The animation looks like a fidget spinner.

Once your temperature is met the AirVape X buzzes and the automatic shutoff timer kicks in. The default is 3 minutes but you can adjust it to a maximum of 5 minutes. Annoyingly, the instructions tell you that you can do this but not how to do it so you must visit their website to find out.

Adjusting the temperature has no effect on the automatic shutoff. The visible countdown to when the vape will shut off is a nice touch. If you need to use it and it’s nearing shut off time all you can do is switch off (three presses as per switching on) and back on again. When you turn it off it displays “Goodbye” which is kind of pointless in my opinion. Incidentally it doesn’t say “Hello” when you turn it on – just displays the AirVape logo.

AirVape X: Macho styling

– Charging

The AirVape X charges via USB. This is by far the best solution for a portable vape and pretty much all of them do this. It comes with a USB cable in the box but no adapter to the mains. You can use the AirVape X whilst it is charging so a low battery does not necessarily mean you can’t get high. You cannot remove the battery so swapping to a full one when you run out of juice is not an option.

AirVape X: Charging via USB

AirVape X: Charging via USB

AirVape X Maintenance and Cleaning

Once you have finished the contents in the heating chamber you remove the magnetic mouthpiece and tap out the contents. If you need it there is a poker in the box and also a brush to give it a good clean out. Neither of these tools can be stored on the device which is a shame. A removable poker is always a good thing in my opinion for emptying and loading on the go. Taking everything apart to clean is not hard. However, getting it all back together is a bit fiddly. It took me a few attempts to get the mouthpiece back to how it should be after cleaning.

Who Is It Good For?

The AirVape X is great for anyone who would like to carry their vape in their trouser pocket. It’s also good for people who like discrete good looking gadgets. That probably hits a pretty wide market. Take it to work, charge discreetly on your desk via USB and take a hit as you make your way home. Clean it up at home with the provided tools and reload for tomorrow.


  • Tasty convection/conduction clouds
  • Great looking
  • Slim design
  • Complete control over temperature
  • Adjustable auto shutoff


  • Average size oven
  • Can’t change battery
  • Cheap feel wobbly buttons


Suitable for
flowers & concentrates
123mm x 17mm x 47mm
113 grams
Battery capacity
1300 mAh lithium
Heat-up time
10-30 seconds
Where to buy

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Editors Verdict
The AirVape X performs well, looks fantastic and is reasonably priced. If you love the look of it then go ahead and buy it, you’ll be satisfied.
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