The ArGo – short for Arizer Go – is a premium portable vaporizer that will appeal to cannabis connoisseurs and medicinal users. Arizer is an established vaporizer company and the ArGo is not their first portable vape. I was excited to test it as it’s quite different to other portable vapes out there.

ArGo: preload the "Aroma Tube"

ArGo: preload the “Aroma Tube”

ArGo Performance

The ArGo uses glass “Aroma Tubes” you preload with ground herb. This keeps the air pathway as clean as possible. The vape itself is referred to as a “Micro-Heater”. You insert your borosilicate tube and activate the heater to provide convection and conduction heat.

The results are big clouds of clean tasting vapour. Taking a draw requires little effort. I cannot imagine a scenario where the performance could be better with just one battery. If that is not enough for you, you may want to consider a two battery device such as the Mighty.

ArGo: it's compact

ArGo: it’s compact

However, I did find that it was a vape that keeps on giving.

It seems that the conduction heating keeps vaporising your herb even after you have finished your draw. It’s a shame to see vapours leaking out of the tube when they are not being inhaled. For that reason I would say that you should count each tube as a “session” – this may be more cannabis than some would normally consume.

This is good for people who want/need a lot of cannabinoids in one session and not the best vape for those who like to “sip” their cannabis vapour a little at a time.

ArGo Value For Money 

The ArGo comes at a premium price. You get wonderful vapour quality in a small package. In the box you get everything you need to be vaping on the go except a grinder. Build quality is excellent and the device as a whole is unlike any other portable vaporizer I have ever tested. I think it is worth the money.

It has its own carry case (with belt clip) which keeps everything together and protected.

Argo: what's in the box?

Argo: what’s in the box?

ArGo Build quality

Arizer’s attention to detail and experience in building vaporizers is apparent in the ArGo. It’s small and light. The rubberized and metal finish feel solid.

Everything fits together snugly. When you press the button to raise the top of the unit which protects (and hides) the glass mouthpiece it does so with a satisfying clack. The battery compartment is secure yet easy to open.

The heating unit (excluding battery and glass) has a lifetime warranty. Showing how confident Arizer are in the quality.

ArGo: top extended to protect glass tube

ArGo: top extended to protect glass tube

ArGo User friendliness

The ArGo operates differently to most portable vapes. Operation is neat and well thought out. If you are coming from a different brand then it will not take long to adjust. If it is your first portable vape then once you have read the instructions you will be up and running in no time.

– Loading

Once your herb is ground you preload it into one or both of the provided borosilicate glass “Aroma Tubes”. Each tube has it’s own plastic container so you can load and take it with you. It’s a good approach.

– Setting Temperature

There is a + and – button on the front of the ArGo. You press these to adjust the temperature. If you press and hold it will change by 10 degrees which can be set to Celsius or Fahrenheit. Setting temperature is straightforward.

ArGo: battery is concealed in the base and USB port on the side

ArGo: battery is concealed in the base and USB port on the side

– Ease of Use

It’s unlikely you would figure out how to turn the device on without instructions. You need to hold the M and + button. This starts a countdown to being turned on. You can change the time of this countdown from the default six seconds. I found it a good alternative to tapping the button multiple times as per the competition.

You can configure the device by pressing the M button. I like being able to change the settings directly on the device rather than linking it to my phone.

To take a draw you must activate heating by pressing any button. There is no haptic feedback (strange for a vape of this price) so your only signal it is ready is by the beep or watching the screen. You can change the volume of the beep or turn it off.

To turn off you press M and – button (interestingly this is not mentioned in the owner’s manual) or you can wait for the auto cutoff (which can also be configured).

– Charging

The ArGo has a rechargeable removable battery. It charges by USB which is the most convenient way to charge a portable vaporizer. Whilst it is charging there is a readout that displays the % of the charge. There is a USB adapter in the box. If the battery has over 15% charge you can use the device whilst it is charging.

ArGo: removable battery

ArGo: removable battery

ArGo Maintenance and Cleaning

The battery included with the ArGo should last for hundreds of charges after that you can buy a replacement battery. The removable glass tubes are easy to clean with isopropyl (rubbing) alcohol. This all equates to practically zero maintenance.

Who Is It Good For?

The ArGo will appeal to vape connoisseurs and especially medicinal users. It is good for those that like/need a lot of cannabinoids at a time. Be prepared to finish the contents of each tube to avoid herb wastage.

The interchangeable battery, carry case and pre-loading of tubes makes the ArGo a great choice for those going outdoors.

ArGo: carry a spare "Aroma Tube" and battery

ArGo: carry a spare “Aroma Tube” and battery


ArGo: the case comes with a belt clip

ArGo: the case comes with a belt clip


  • Compact
  • Easy to use
  • Virtually no maintenance
  • Great tasting vapour
  • Includes carry case
  • Changeable battery


  • No haptic feedback (must rely on beeps)


Suitable for
52mm x 24mm x 93mm
97 grams
Battery capacity
replaceable 18650 battery
Heat-up time
< one minute
Where to buy

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Editors Verdict
The ArGo has nice touches amounting to a great product. The attention to detail has created something as unique as it is good.

I would definitely find the carry case useful to chuck in my backpack - though I don’t think I could bring myself to wear it on my belt. 

The one thing I miss on the ArGo is no haptic feedback, this impacts the stealthiness as you must rely on beeps or the screen to know when it is ready to use.

It’s in the premium price range of portable vaporizers so it may not appeal to the masses but I see it will be a popular choice for cannabis connoisseurs and medicinal users. 
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