Accessories Reviews

There are many accessories aimed at a vaporizer connoisseur. These include, specific cases, bubblers, grinders and other cool stuff to enhance what you own and make your vaping life more convenient.

Linx Bubbler Review
Linx Bubbler: 1200 x 440

If you own a Linx Gaia, Hynos Zero or Ares – buying the Linx Bubbler is a no brainer. It’s an elegant solution at a reasonable price. The improvement in vapour quality is well worth the cost.

26 Apr 2018
Thorinder Grinder Review
Thorinder: 1200 x 440

A Thorinder grinder is something rather special. It looks beautiful and grinds herb to the perfect consistency for vaping. It is the perfect gift for the stoner love of your life.

20 Apr 2018
XMAX Starry/Fog Glass Bubbler Accessory Review

The XMAX Starry/Fog glass bubbler accessory is a versatile, reasonably priced bubbler that will fit quite a few different brands of portable vaporizer.

22 Mar 2018
DynaStash Case Review

The DynaStash is a case accessory from DynaVap. It has storage for your herb and your DynaVap portable vape (VapCap, …

18 Dec 2017