Portable Vaporizers Reviews

For many of us, the ideal vaporizer is a portable vaporizer that you can take anywhere. These vaporizers are designed to be carried along in your pocket or bag. Some portable vaporizers are even weather proof! Portable vaporizers are powered by a rechargeable battery. The battery is either integrated or replaceable.

Ascent Vaporizer review

It is safe to say that this second portable unit from manufacturer Organicix (who also brought us the DaVinci vaporizer) …

23 Sep 2016
Arizer Solo Review

Prior to the launch, not much information had leaked about Arizer’s new portable vape, theSolo. It is the third vaporizer …

23 Sep 2016
IOLITE Original review

The iolite vaporizer was the first portable – butane powered – vaporizer. It measures the size of an average mobile …

29 Sep 2015
WISPR review

The WISPR (or IOLITE WISPR) is the latest butane-powered vaporizer to enter the market. But what makes the WISPR different …

30 Sep 2014