The DynaStash is a case accessory from DynaVap. It has storage for your herb and your DynaVap portable vape (VapCap, OmniVap, Ti Woody, VapCap M or Ti Glassy). You can choose from a variety of beautiful solid woods.

It’s a classy addition to your favourite flame powered portable vaporiser. As far as cases go it’s one of the most expensive out there for any vape. We take a look to see if it is worth the money.

DynaStash close-up

DynaStash close-up

DynaStash Performance

The DynaStash does a variety of things and it does them well.

It acts as storage. It holds your standard sized DynaVap vaporizer and some herb. It’s best to pre-grind your herb before storing or else getting the buds out will be a fiddle.

DynaStash and VapCap (sold seperately)

DynaStash and VapCap (sold seperately)

The attractive wooden case stops your hot vape burning you or your clothes. Yet, the case does nothing to stop the smell of your herb escaping.

DynaStash open lid

DynaStash open lid – twist the other way to open your herb stash

In the centre of the case is a magnet that holds your vape vertical so loading is easy. It provides a place to put your vape after use when it is very hot. The metal dissipates the heat allowing to cool faster. It also allows you to remove the hot cap without burning your fingers

DynaStash Value For Money 

The DynaStash seems expensive for a block of wood with a couple of holes milled into it. Depending on the model you buy it could cost more than some of the DynaVap models you will put in it.

However, don’t let that put you off. The combined price of the case and vape is still less than almost all over portable vapes on the market and once you buy it, it offers a lot more than just a place to store your VapCap. It makes your VapCap complete.

DynaStash Build quality

As with all DynaVap products build quality is excellent.


DynaStash is great quality

DynaStash User friendliness

The DynaStash is easy to use. The top swivels and you insert your vape. The side that holds the vape is deeper than the side holding your ground herb so you won’t put it in the wrong one.

DynaStash magnetic stand

DynaStash magnetic stand holds your VapCap to attention

The case has tapered corners on one side and rounded edges on the other.  When you are familiar with the two sides you will instinctively open it the correct way to access your vape or herb.

The magnet helps with the functionality of your DynaVap a lot. You will appreciate no more burnt fingers and easy loading.

The case is quite large and transforms your super stealth vape into a form factor that is bigger than many portable vapes on the market – that do not require an additional case to make them safe.

DynaStash Maintenance and Cleaning

There is no maintenance or cleaning. Because it is wood your DynaStash will age well with use.

Who Is It Good For?

If you own a DynaVap then this case is good for you. Consequently, since owning this I cannot imagine using my VapCap ‘M’ without it.


  • Prevents burnt fingers
  • Pocket your hot vape quickly and safely
  • Eases loading of your vape
  • Classy design


  • Expensive
  • Quite large
  • Not smell proof
Suitable for
107mm x 52mm x 20mm
+/- 50 grams
Battery capacity
Heat-up time
Where to buy

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Editors Verdict
The DynaStash completes your DynaVap portable vape. It makes it easy and safer to use. It’s a large improvement over the plastic tube the vape arrives in.

Those who turned to the VapCap ‘M’ or other vape because it is a budget option are most likely going to balk at the high price. Storage for your herb it is not perfect as it won't contain the smell of odorous flowers.

It is the ideal present for someone who owns a 92mm VapCap.
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