A combination of a conduction and convection based vape, 40 minutes of heating time and a glass airpath, priced at $100. Sounds good, right? We thought so too, and with a number of glowing reviews from early buyers we were very eager to try this vape. The manufacturer was kind enough to hook us up with a unit to review, so here goes.


The Firewood Vaporizer is handcrafted in the USA, and was initially exclusively available via the Etsy marketplace. It is now also being offered through the website of the manufacturer, Firewoodvapes.com.

A beautiful maple housing holds a powerful 2200 mAh battery, providing for up to 40 minutes of heating time. A switch on the side of the unit switches on the power, while in order to heat up, an ingenious switch/click system is in place. Next to the switch are two LED’s to display the actual status.

A glass mouthpiece sits at the top and is connected through a smaller wooden part that is connected with the base through a magnetic (built-in) lock.

The standard maple edition is unfinished, and it is advised to protect it from smudges and becoming dirty by applying a wax finish. We received a pack of Beeswax and Mineral Finish and applied this twice. Doing so will slightly darken the color of the wood, but I think it definitely maintains its elegance. Also available is a prefinished edition and a model in cherry hardwood.

Ease of Use

As there is no automatic switch off, the user can control the time heat is being applied, as it will gradually increase in temperature, up to 215°C (419°F). This allows for some extremely tasty first hits, while holding the button will release the remaining active ingredients and flavors at a faster rate. I found holding the button for about 20 seconds is a good time to hold the button before the first draw.

The advertised heating time of 40+ minutes seems very accurate, which is very respectable for a vaporizer this size. Charging the battery (from completely flat) takes about 5 hours. The Firewood cannot be used while charging.

The glass mouthpiece is easy to take out or retract, making the Firewood a very portable vape.

Vapor Taste and Quality

The first few hits produce little visible vapour, but all the more flavor. The taste is incredibly clean, something I haven’t encountered with many newly released vapes.

There is a bit of an inhalation technique that needs to be mastered in order to obtain proper hits, and can be compared to that of the Magic-Flight Launch Box. Taking slow hits is what I found to work best with this vape, especially when the temperature is still climbing.

The spent herb (ABV) comes out nice and even roasted, with no visible signs of combustion.

Suitable for
Battery capacity
40 minutes
Heat-up time
20 seconds
Editors Verdict
The Firewood Vaporizer is a beautiful piece of craftsmanship that provides an excellent job at vaporizing your herbs. At the same time it is very affordable, making it almost a no-brainer if you're looking for an elegant yet high quality, performing vaporizer. Well recommended!
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