The newest portable vaporizer from Flowermate in the V5.0 series, the Mini V5.0 Pro features the – for the most part – same design and as its predecessors, the V5.0 and the V5.0S, albeit in a smaller form. This increased portability comes at the price of about half the battery power of the larger (non-Mini) units.

Similar to the larger FlowerMate V5.0 Pro is the digital OLED display, which allows for a much more precise temperature control than before.


At first touch, the Flowermate Mini V5.0 Pro feels incredibly light and small, but without being fragile due to its high quality materials. Inside the compact packaging, you will find a beautiful blue (or black) vaporizer, along with a borosilicate glass mouth piece, a water pipe adapter, a liquid/waxy chamber and five stainless steel screens. A cleaning brush and a packing dabber are also included.

As you can tell, the Flowermate Mini V5.0 Pro already comes with everything you could need and a quick look at the user manual confirmed that this is a very elaborate, versatile vape that is not necessarily meant for beginners. The pieces themselves are very small and easy to lose, so I had to be very careful while handling them.


The Flowermate Mini V5.0 Pro comes with a USB cable included, which can be attached to any phone (wall) USB charger to load the vape. Of course you can also charge it via a USB port on your computer or laptop. My Flowermate arrived already half-way charged, so it only took two hours until it was ready. For this review, I used the glass mouth piece and one of the stainless steel screens because I didn’t have a water pipe or oil available at the time.

After loading the chamber and attaching the mouth piece, I clicked the top-most button five times in two seconds to turn it on. It takes about 30 seconds to heat up – during that time, a small icon will appear next to the temperature. Once it is ready, you can use the remaining two buttons to control the temperature, which can be changed from Fahrenheit to Celsius and vice versa with two clicks of the top-most button.

The exact temperature regulation is especially useful if you want to control the nature of your high –depending on the right temperature, anything is possible from a slight buzz to intense euphoria, so it pays off to know about the corresponding temperature ranges at which each cannabinoid vaporizes. During my first vaping session I had no trouble changing my moderate cerebral high to a more intense body high within half an hour.

The Flowermate Mini V5.0 Pro also comes with a temperature memory function, so you won’t have to enter your preferred temperature again if the vape turns itself off after five minutes of inactivity. This memory function also works great for outdoor vaping sessions, as any kind of sunlight makes it difficult to read the display.

The adjustable air flow at the bottom of the vape enables you to control the density of the vapor, which came out so pure and light that it almost made up for the fact that I burned myself twice on the bottom of the hot mouth piece, so be a bit more careful than me. Reloading the chamber also took a bit longer because I had to wait for the mouth piece to cool down completely so I wouldn’t burn myself a third time.

Suitable for
Herbs, oil and wax
8,5cm length x 4,5cm width
Battery capacity
75 minutes
Heat-up time
0-1 min
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