The Linx Hypnos Zero is a pen extract vaporizer. It’ll grant its owner discreet concentrate vaping in a sleek form factor. The wickless ceramic heating chamber and glass mouthpiece allows clean vaporisation of your concentrates. As with Linx’s Gaia portable vaporizer it is solidly built and looks fantastic. Not only is it attractive to look at it has an attractive price. If you are looking for an extract only solution this could be worth checking out.

Linx Hypnos Zero - Medical grade stainless steel

Linx Hypnos Zero – Medical grade stainless steel

Linx Hypnos Zero performance

I tested the Hypnos Zero with some rosin concentrate. It had a toffee like consistency. I dropped a large grain of rice sized blob in the heating chamber and screwed in the filter and mouthpiece.

I started on the lowest of the four temperature settings. It heats instantly. I found if I held the button for a second before taking a draw it helped. The first draw melted the rosin in the chamber.

On the second draw which I did for around 8 seconds I heard the contents sizzle and produced a decent cloud of fine tasting vapour.

I’ve experience with dabbing so decided to bump it up to the max temp and see if I could get some serious results. After two large draws of that I was producing enough clouds to prompt me to turn on the kitchen ventilation extractor. It was hot and dry but tasted fantastic. It made me cough a little. That was plenty for me. The sofa and some chill music was calling.

This device performs very well with extracts. I had results that were as good as portable vapes that work with flowers and concentrates that cost way more. You can’t vape as much extract as a dabbing rig but for the average human being this would get you very high.

Linx Hypnos Zero value for money

The Linx Hypnos Zero is excellent value for money. It looks great, is robust, easy to use, easy to clean and performs well – all for not a lot of money.

Linx Hypnos Zero - What's in the box?

Linx Hypnos Zero – What’s in the box?

Linx Hypnos Zero build quality

Build quality is top notch. Everything fits together perfectly and the stainless steel body is beautiful to look at.

I think it could’ve looked nicer if the button was slightly more misted. The version I tested’s button was transparent. When off it looks fine but when you turn it on you can see the individual LED’s as they illuminate. It would’ve been nicer if the button just appeared to change colour (more on that in setting temperature below) rather than you seeing the different lights glow in different places below it. This in no way affects use and is just me nit picking. Aside this minor detail the Hypnos Zero is flawless.

Linx Hypnos Zero - Glass mouth piece

Linx Hypnos Zero – Glass mouth piece

Linx Hypnos Zero user friendliness

You’re not going to figure out how to use this without reading the user manual. As with most one button operated devices it can be a bit of a puzzle to work out how it functions. The manual is short, read it and it’s all logical after that.

– Loading

Unscrew the filter section that covers the heating chamber. This also removes the glass mouthpiece – which can also be unscrewed from the filter. Drop your concentrate into the chamber and screw it back together. I’m not sure how that could be any easier.

Linx Hypnos Zero - Remove filter to load heating chamber

Linx Hypnos Zero – Remove filter to load heating chamber

– Setting temperature

The Hypnos Zero has 4 preset temperatures. To change the temperature you press the button 3 times. The button changes colour to show you what temperature zone you are in. The colours are; blue (low), green (medium), yellow (medium/high) and red (high).

– Ease of use

Once loaded and temperature is set it’s easy to use. Press the button – which will light up to show the temperature you selected (see above – “Setting Temperature”). Wait a second and then draw.

Should the button be held for more than 15 seconds the device will blink white 10 times and go into standby mode to avoid burning out the heating element. To exit standby press the button 5 times.

You can “lock” (off) or “unlock” (on) the device with 5 presses of the button. The button flashes white 5 times as a visual feedback.

Aside having to study the manual to use – only a couple of pages – I cannot think how operation could be easier.

– Charging

Unscrew the heating chamber from the battery and screw the battery onto the included USB dongle to charge. It’s a great solution but should you forgot or lose your dongle you must pick up a new one or else the device is useless.

Linx Hypnos Zero - Charge with USB dongle

Linx Hypnos Zero – Charge with USB dongle

Linx Hypnos Zero maintenance and cleaning

The glass mouthpiece and filter unscrew and can be cleaned easily in ISO alcohol or with a pre-soaked ISO-alcohol swab. As for the heating chamber – depending on how pure your extract is you will find that residue will build up in here. Just soak in ISO alcohol for two hours to remove.

Linx Hypnos Zero - Glass mouth piece, filter, ceramic atomizer and battery

Linx Hypnos Zero – Glass mouth piece, filter, ceramic atomizer and battery

Who is it good for?

Someone who can get hold of (or make) quality extracts – such as rosin. Someone who likes to dab but needs a compact solution for whilst they are away from their rig. Someone who has a portable vape they like to use for flowers and is looking for a device dedicated to extracts only – to avoid the whole extract pad rigmarole. It’s discreet enough to store and use practically anywhere.


  • Performs well
  • Easy to operate
  • Easy to clean
  • Compact
  • Looks fantastic
  • Excellent build quality


  • Cryptic to use (if you don’t read the instructions)
  • Need a dedicated USB dongle to charge
Suitable for
10.7 cm
46 grams
Battery capacity
650 mAh
Heat-up time
Where to buy

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Editors Verdict
Linx offer another wonderful pocket device for cannabis connoisseurs in the form of the Hypnos Zero extract only vape. If you can get quality extracts you may consider buying the Linx Hypnos Zero as your only portable vape.

Even if you own a portable vape that “does concentrates” you could be tempted to pick this up as it is such good value for money. This will give you a dedicated extract vape and you’ll avoid having to swap out heating pads in the vape you use for flowers. Build quality cannot be faulted and once you get the hang of operation it is fast and easy to use. A glass mouthpiece, ceramic atomizer, wickless design and medical grade stainless steel complete another awesome offering from Linx.
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