The Lotus Vaporizer is a new portable vaporizer manufactured by a small California based company, named Mendocino Therapeutics.

The unit looks appealing, and is available in different colors. The Lotus features a small, thin (but solid) stem with a pipe head consisting of a bowl and a nickel, detachable cap. The cap is attached to the bowl by magnets, which makes (un)loading very easy. By heating the lotus shaped ring on top of the cap, hot air is conducted onto the bowl, allowing for the vaporization of your herb.

Due to the closed cap, it is impossible to inhale any butane fumes at all. It also prevents the flame from touching the herb. The ‘clean air’ part is arguably the Lotus’ biggest pro. While it does have a few advantages over the renowned VaporGenie vaporizer pipe, it is also less stealthy. A special, goose-neck, torch lighter is required, whereas the VaporGenie also operates using a regular cigarette lighter.

The technique to light the Lotus is very easy to master and even first time users should have no problems to let the Lotus produce thick clouds of delicious vapor. In addition, the nickel plate on the disk cools down rather fast (15-25 seconds) so it can be easily put back into your pocket again after use.

The Lotus sells for 110 USD (~80 euro), which I think is reasonable – taking into account it is a relatively new vape that is currently produced in small batches in the US.

Mendocino Therapeutics
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Battery capacity
No battery
Heat-up time
3 seconds with butane torch
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+ Very easy to load
+ Solid, durable feel
- Not very stealthy
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I use it since 1 year now, it is robust, give a big "hit" but not as easy to clean (need to soak often to clean the pipe properly)
Not that easy to use as you need to master the heating way, no temperature setting, you need to find the best temp yourself.
The water pipe adapter is worth it, it give the best of your material.
the lotus is the best ratio quantity/vapor/ efficiency i've ever seen (compared to firefly 2 , grasshopper, magic flight, dynacap, mighty, ... )

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