If a company who gave the world the Volcano vaporizer releases a portable vape called “Mighty” it better be good. In fact, it better be excellent. Well this handheld offering from Storz & Bickel can only be described as mighty excellent. If you’re looking for a vape that works as well as a plugin and can forgo it being super stealthy then look no further the Mighty could well be for you.

Mighty Performance

Every moment of contact with the Storz & Bickel Mighty makes you say “woah”. Whilst most portable vapes look like it should be sold in a designer gadget store the Mighty looks like a prop from Star Wars episode IV. I can picture Han Solo with one hanging from his utility belt. Open the no nonsense packaging and you’ll say “woah” that I can guarantee. Then you’ll pick it up and you’ll say “woah” again as you discover how solid yet light (for the size) the Mighty is. The clear instructions get you up an running in no time. Furthermore, the tools to grind and load your herb are very useful. The loading experience is covered below in “User friendliness”.

Mighty - what's in the box?

Mighty – what’s in the box?

Turn it on, set your temperature and say “woah” again as you watch the actual temp climb to meet the set temperature very rapidly. As a result as you exhale you’ll be saying “WOAH” once more as you create a cloud that tasted more intense than that same ground herb did in any of your other portable vapes. This is thanks to the convection oven.

You’ll pass it to a friend, who’ll also say “woah” and you’ll tell them “you’re darn right, woah”.

Mighty Value For Money

There is no escaping the fact that the Mighty is one of the most expensive portable vaporizers out there. Once you use it a while you’ll understand why because it’s brilliantly engineered. Therefore, if you are looking for something that would be as good as a plugin home vape but with the option to go portable then this is worth the money. The clouds of vapour it generates are nothing short of spectacular. For many, it could be the only vape they need to buy.

Mighty Build Quality

It’s German. Build quality is completely solid. All parts are robust. It may not be the most beautiful looking portable vaporizer on the market but it is definitely distinctive. It looks as though it should sit with your power tools in the garage – it’s that sturdy.

Mighty outdoors

Mighty outdoors

Mighty User Friendliness

Once you have ground your herb in the provided grinder you can store it in the storage case that has the same form as the grinder. The base of the case can be removed and it clicks onto the Mighty. Now you can nudge your herb into the oven which is perfectly lined up below. It is a really neat way of handling the loading of a vaporizer which can sometimes be a bit fiddly. You then click the top into place and it compacts everything in the oven.

It’s all very simple and once your herb is ground up it is a quick and convenient way to reload. The Mighty comes with one reusable dosage capsule which you can preload and insert in the oven. You can purchase more of these if you like and loading on the go will be a snap.

Mighty loading dock

Mighty loading dock

– Use

Once loaded, using the Mighty is completely intuitive – unlike almost every other portable vape out there. There is no learning curve. Simply press the button to turn it on – haptic feedback lets you know it is starting to heat up. The display shows actual temperature and desired temperature. + and – buttons allow you to adjust the desired temperature. The actual temperature will rise to match your desired final temperature. It goes all the way up to 210°C.



I love the fact that the functionality is so obvious. It’s hardly necessary to read the instructions. You have complete control over the temperature.

Once it is heated, haptic feedback buzzes again to let you know it is ready so you can now enjoy your vapour. I found 165°C was a good place to start if you enjoy the high from THC and incrementally worked my way up 10°C at a time for each heating session which releases more cannabinoids as you go. Or you could dive in at 185°C – which many people find to be the sweet spot.

– Results

Finally, I was very impressed with the results. In fact I had to draw shorter than I do with other portable vapes as the clouds are so big! If you are used to some of the less powerful portable vapes out there and use the same technique on the Mighty (ie a slow long draw – “slong”) expect to cough a little as you exhale and be amazed at how much vapour you breath out!

To turn off just press the same button you used to turn it on. It could not be simpler. As a result that could be a drawback for some. If a child were to pick this up it would not take them long to figure out how to activate it. They may not go so far as to take a draw but they could at least toast whatever is in there if they fiddle with the temperature level. Maybe pressing on 3 times in quick succession or other similar technique would be a good way to avoid this. However, that would then make it harder for those with reduced dexterity – so there is a trade off. As this is aimed at medical cannabis users I understand their decision here.

– Charging

Mighty charging

Mighty charging

My only other gripe I have is with the charger it comes with. There is no way to charge this via usb cable like most of the competition. Therefore, if you forget, lose or break the charger you won’t be able to use the device until you get a replacement. It also means when you travel it’s another thing to pack. You can buy a separate car charger adapter but it’d be nice to have a USB adapter or even better a USB socket as per the DaVinci IQ. I deducted a point for lack of USB charging.

The positive side of using power from the wall is that you can vape as you charge when the battery is flat – so you are never blocked from vaping if the battery is flat. Again a trade off that would benefit medical users. If you are wracked with pain you don’t want to wait for the battery to charge up to relief it.

Mighty Maintenance and Cleaning

The Mighty is incredibly easy to clean. Once you have finished your “bowl” of ground herb you just tip it out. As the whole thing has been compacted when you closed the device it will be in the form of a pellet that can be easily poked out. A tool that slots into the base of the Mighty can be used in case you need it. It also comes with a small brush to clean it out more.

You can buy replacements for all parts from Storz and Bickel for reasonable prices.

Finally, the way that the bowl is positioned creates a gutter around the bowl, this is a channel to allow you to click the top into place with a quarter turn. Consequently, I found that pieces of herb got stuck in there and needed to be poked out. As a result, if you don’t remove them they will be squashed into place as you close the top of the unit. It is a shame that this area is not flush to avoid this happening. I marked it down a point for this.

Who is it good for?

The Mighty is good people who want the convenience of a portable vape with the best vapour quality and size doesn’t matter. Medicinal users, dog walkers, fishermen, hikers, campers and/or those using at home.


  • Engineered for medical cannabis users
  • Easy to use
  • Performs like a plugin vaporizer
  • Can use whilst it charges
  • Fits in your jacket pocket
  • Easy to load
  • Easy to clean
  • Comes with grinder and cleaning accessories
  • Lots of accessories and replacement parts available
  • Makes people say “woah”


  • Cannot charge via USB (need to pack that wall wart charger)
  • It’s not exactly “stealth”
  • No child lock/safety
Storz & Bickel
Suitable for
herbs, oils, hash and concentrates
8 x 14 x 3 cm
230 grams
Battery capacity
2 lithium ion batteries 3300mAh / 12,2Wh
Heat-up time
10-30 seconds
Where to buy

*Use voucher code VAPOINFO5 for a 5% discount on your purchase from VapoShop

Editors Verdict
If you are serious about vaping and don’t have space for a plugin vape then this is the portable vaporizer for you. People may have issues with the size but they’d be woefully missing the point. It fits in your hand, it fits in your pocket, it makes great big tasty clouds, you have all the control over it you need and the batteries last forever - what more do you want?
I missed a couple of things; to be able to charge via USB and something to stop children activating the device - for most people these are probably not deal killers.
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