The PALM 2.0 is a tiny handheld vaporizer that is manufactured by VaporBLUNT, an upcoming name in the vaporizer industry and mostly known from the Pinnacle and VAPORBLUNT models. Worth mentioning about this company is that they really seem to take the feedback they receive from users (ie on the FC forums) into account and make adjustments based on this. They’ve come out with a 2.0 version of both the Vaporblunt and PALM.

The PALM 2.0 applies the same principle as the Magic-Flight Launch Box. An AA-battery is inserted and its energy is used to generate enough heat for the material inside the vaporizer (trench) to vaporize. However, the PALM looks and feels quite different to a MFLB. The outer parts are all made out of plastic, giving it a very different feel than its wooden counterpart.

The PALM 2.0 comes with a charger, two rechargeable AA batteries, a cleaning brush, ‘pipe’ cleaner, two mouthpieces (flavored optional) and quick guide.

Using it

To fill the herb chamber, the see-through plastic part can be clicked open. A hinge holds the cap in place. Opening requires a bit of force, which can be troublesome for certain medicinal users, and also makes me wonder how long it will last after intensive use. Another small annoyance here is that due to the rounded end, the vaporizer cannot stand upright, so you’ll always have to hold the unit when filling the trench. Once filled, pressing the battery will activate the heat and a small light at the top, next to where the battery goes, lights up. The position of this light makes it difficult to see when inhaling, so I mostly found it to act as a battery indicator.

What struck me about the PALM 2.0 is that it heats up fast, very fast. It seems to operate at a slightly higher temperature than the MFLB, and combustion can occur if you don’t pay attention and keep the battery pressed for too long. There is a bit of a learning curve to get the timing and draw right, but after a couple of tries I had no trouble getting good vapour from it.

The taste of the vapour is excellent, especially for a unit with so many plastic parts. It proves that you don’t necessarily need an all glass vapour path for good tasting vapour. The battery lasts an average of about 4 bowls, which is not bad at all.

Cleaning it is fairly simple with the provided brush. I just brush off excess herb whenever filling the trench, and after a week of use I haven’t had to use the pipe cleaner yet.

Suitable for
3.8x3.2x6.3cm (lxwxh)
Battery capacity
30 minutes
Editors Verdict
The PALM 2.0 is a nice and discreet little vaporizer that makes a great travel companion. It doesn’t produce huge hits, but a slow draw will generate plentiful vapour to get one properly medicated. Partly thanks to its lifelong guarantee, it makes a good alternative for the Magic-Flight Launch Box.

+ Discreet, small
+ Good taste

- Unit cannot stand upright
- Steep price considering the materials
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