The PuffCo Plus (or PuffCo+) is a pen vaporizer designed for use with concentrates and waxy oils only. It is stunning piece of industrial design. One thing that sets this apart from the rest is the integrated nail built into the mouthpiece to facilitate easy loading. If you’re put off by the whole dab rig scene (blow torches or giant batteries) but fancy the advantages that concentrates offer then look no further.

PuffCo Plus - beautiful design

PuffCo Plus – beautiful design

PuffCo Plus performance

Once loaded and your temperature is set you are ready to get a near dab like experience from your PuffCo Plus. It’s incredible this thing can produce such instant high temperatures. Given a long deep draw you will produce copious amounts of (slightly hot) vapour.

PuffCo Plus value for money 

The PuffCo Plus is priced slightly more than the competition. However, over long term use this difference will not equate to much at all.

In return for a premium price you get a gorgeous looking vape with a built in ceramic nail – which they refer to as the “dart”. You get a spare heating chamber which you can use in case the other one is lost or needs cleaning.

There is a funky looking rubber grip (you can buy other colours if you want) which covers the heating chamber so you don’t burn your fingers. If you are into packaging then that too is very well presented. It’s clear no expense is spared on every detail.

PuffCo Plus - what's in the box?

PuffCo Plus – what’s in the box?

PuffCo Plus build quality

Build is of the highest quality.

The rubber button has a great feel and fits snugly in the unit.

PuffCo Plus - nice details

PuffCo Plus – nice details

The unit screams premium, it all fits together perfectly. Nice little touches such as “PuffCo +” engraved on the perimeter of the heating chamber go to show how much attention has been given.

PuffCo Plus - ceramic nail in mouthpiece

PuffCo Plus – ceramic nail in mouthpiece

PuffCo Plus user friendliness

The PuffCo Plus has only one button. As with other devices with only one button there’s a learning curve as to how to operate it. It’s unlikely you would figure it out without the instructions. Once you know the ropes – which are pretty standard for pen vapes – you’ll be operating with no issues.

– Loading

PuffCo have found a nifty solution to loading sticky concentrates in the form of their “dart”. It’s a ceramic nail that is integrated into the mouthpiece. It works well with the rosins I tested it with and will come into its own when you use sticky or waxy oils. I would go as far to say it is brilliant.

PuffCo Plus - works nicely with rosin

PuffCo Plus – works nicely with rosin

– Setting temperature

Once it’s active (five presses of the button) you can adjust the temperature with four presses of the button in quick succession. Maybe three presses would have been sufficient but four works. I used my thumb nail to press the button as it is a bit of a strange shape – PuffCo cloud logo. It does work with the pad of your finger too for all you nail biters out there.

There are three temperature settings each one turns the whole button a colour that specifies the temperature. Green is low (304 ℃), blue is medium (343 ℃) and white is high (382 ℃). Three settings keep it simple.

PuffCo Plus - button doubles as light indicating the temperature level

PuffCo Plus – button doubles as light indicating the temperature level

– Ease of use

There are two methods to using the PuffCo Plus. You can hold the button, wait a second to heat up and then draw for as long as you want – up until automatic cut off after eight seconds.

PuffCo Plus - with grip installed

PuffCo Plus – with grip installed

The second way is to enter “sesh mode”. You do this by pressing the button twice. The device is now active at your desired temperature for 12 seconds without having to press the button. 12 seconds of button-free heating is a useful feature for cleaning.

– Charging

Unscrew the battery then screw it onto the USB dongle. It’s a clean and easy way to charge.

Only disadvantage I can see is if you lose or break your dongle you will need to purchase a new one. Thankfully they are not expensive.

PuffCo Plus - charge with USB dongle

PuffCo Plus – charge with USB dongle

PuffCo Plus maintenance and cleaning

Cleaning your PuffCo Plus is relatively easy. Starting at the top the dart can be pushed out of the mouthpiece for dipping in ISO alcohol.

PuffCo say not to expose the exterior of the PuffCo Plus – including the mouthpiece itself – to ISO alcohol. I have a problem with this. Surely it would’ve made sense to use a finish that can withstand rubbing alcohol? For me this is a step too far in making the device look beautiful. Chucking everything in ISO alcohol is good way to get things clean quick in my opinion.

This is not a killer for the mouthpiece thanks to the removable dart but it means cleaning the atomizer (heating chamber) is more involved than it could’ve been. You heat it in sesh mode once or twice to loosen everything up and then clean with a cotton swab. Not hard – but not as easy as popping it to soak for an hour and wiping it down.

Who is it good for?

The PuffCo Plus is perfect for anyone wanting to vape concentrates or waxy oils only. Take it to work or for an evening out, it’s stealth like and clean to load. This is how the masses will vape concentrates.


  • performs well
  • integrated ceramic dart
  • ceramic heating chamber
  • fantastic looks
  • exceptional build quality
  • easy to use


  • can’t soak exterior in ISO alcohol – makes cleaning a little more involved


Suitable for
Concentrates and waxy oils
58 grams
Battery capacity
520mAh Lithium-ion rechargeable battery
Heat-up time
1 second
Where to buy

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Editors Verdict
The PuffCo Plus is perfect for anyone wanting to vape concentrates or waxy oils only. It looks stunning, is easy to operate and performs very well indeed. 

It comes at a premium price for a pen vape but is such a good package this is fully justified.

The integrated nail aids loading and keeps things clean. It enables everyone to experience the high of concentrates without having to get into the whole dabbing scene. 

My only grumble is the fact that the exterior of the PuffCo Plus cannot be exposed to rubbing alcohol. But given all the positives it is something that I can definitely live with.

The PuffCo Plus sets the benchmark for pen concentrate vaporizers.
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