The Starry v2 from XMAX (now XVAPE) is the precursor to the brilliant XVAPE Fog. It’s a great little vape in its own right. Right now it’s likely you’ll found it at a reduced price and is well worth a second look.

It’s a convection/conduction hybrid with a replaceable battery and  temperature control to the degree. That’s a lot of premium features for a reasonable price.

The XMAX Starry v2


XMAX Starry v2 Performance

This convection portable vape gives great tasting clouds. I found it performed as well as the slightly more expensive XVAPE Fog. Given I was very impressed with the FOG that is saying something good. You also get some conductive vaping going on as the oven heats during use.

It reaches your desired temperature in seconds and is comfortable to hold. The mouthpiece has a satisfying pipe feel to it. The puffing technique you use to get the most from convection vapes works well (think lighting a cigar).


XMAX Starry v2 Value For Money 

The Starry is excellent value for money. You get a convection vape, removable battery, complete control over the temperature and a good selection of handy tools. It also comes with a modified oven for use with concentrates – kinda like the PAX 3.

In fact, the PAX 3 is a good comparison device. Both these are stealthy enough to fit in a small bag or pocket. The PAX 3 wins on the extended warranty, good looks and haptic feedback. But the Starry wins on removable battery, convection, temperature control and price. Which could be very tempting to many out there.

XMAX Starry v2 - What's in the box?

XMAX Starry v2 – What’s in the box?

XMAX Starry v2 Build quality

This is a well made device. It feels solid and has a satisfying weight to it. There are only two moving parts. The battery door cover and the rotating mouthpiece. They both function well.

Magnets hold the oven cover and mouthpiece in place. It works very well but I was a little scared it could come off when in my pocket. It didn’t happen but may one day.

Also, when rotating the mouthpiece the pressure needed sometimes pushes the top off. Not a major problem – unless you were to drop it in a place it’s not easy to find – club, pub, top of Eiffel Tower etc.

This thing cannot be faulted for build quality. Especially given the price point.

XMAX Starry v2 - Mouthpiece

XMAX Starry v2 – Mouthpiece

XMAX Starry v2 User friendliness

The Starry v2 is easy to use. Load, turn it on, set the temperature and then draw.

– Loading

The flat base helps with loading. You remove the top of the oven and mouthpiece. Then you have access to a generous opening for loading your herb. Only issue is you need to put the lid down somewhere, so don’t lose it. Unlike the Fog which has a hinged lid. You can buy a new one in case you lose the Starry v2 Mouthpiece.

XMAX Starry v2 - Oven

XMAX Starry v2 – Oven

– Setting Temperature

One advantage the Starry has over the Fog is your incremental control over the temperature to the exact degree. If you are a control freak like me then you’ll appreciate this.

The readout is very clear, but the numbers are small. Those with not the best sight may struggle to read the digits.

XMAX Starry v2 - Full control over temperature

XMAX Starry v2 – Full control over temperature

– Ease of Use

Load, turn on, set temperature and draw. That’s about as easy as you can get with a vape. Even without instructions you would figure out how to use this in no time.

XMAX Starry v2 - OLED display

XMAX Starry v2 – OLED display

– Charging

The Starry charges via USB and you can also replace the battery. This is the best combination you can have in my opinion.
You can even use it whilst you charge.

XMAX Starry v2 - charging via USB

XMAX Starry v2 – charging via USB

XMAX Starry v2 Maintenance and Cleaning

The oven gives a nice easy space to empty the contents. As with most vapes I miss a place to hold a poker. If your herb is packed in well you’ll need one to eject the spent contents.

You can remove the mouthpiece to soak in alcohol should the need arise.

You can replace the Starry v2 battery and it charges with a regular USB cable. So losing or breaking either of these will not block you from continuing to enjoy this vaporizer.

XMAX Starry v2 - Replaceable battery

XMAX Starry v2 – Replaceable battery

Who Is It Good For?

It’s good for someone’s first vape. At that price you get good vapour and can see if it is vaping is something for you. It’d also make a great second vape for stealthy use. One that is lost or confiscated will not break the bank.


  • Convection
  • Temperature control
  • USB charging
  • Replaceable battery
  • Easy to use
  • Stealth
  • Great price


  • Chance you may lose the lid/cover


Suitable for
flowers & concentrates
35mm x 110mm x 24mm
119.4 grams
Battery capacity
Heat-up time
8-38 seconds
Where to buy

*Use voucher code VAPOINFO5 for a 5% discount on your purchase from VapoShop

Editors Verdict
The Starry v2 from XMAX is a solid buy, for yourself or as a gift. It’s a solid little portable vaporizer that offers some great premium features on a budget. I like the temperature control and easy charging. 

My only fear is the day someone drops the mouthpiece in a club and I have to crawl around the dance floor searching for it. You can buy replacement mouthpieces should it ever get lost.

It performs wonderfully and tasty clouds are on the menu with this little star.
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Niklas Hutterer


Der Starry V2 ist ein gutes "einsteiger" Gerät
Soweit so gut nur leider wird das Gerät sehr Warm fast schon Heiß wenn man bei 190-200 grad 10min dampft und man hat immer ein wenig Plastikgeschmack dabei was echt nervig ist.
Ich würde sagen der Starry ist vl so 60-80euro wert aber keine 100euro.
Aber er macht ordentlich Dampf und die wechelbare Batterie ist der Hit genau so wie die digitale Anzeige!

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