The Sticky Brick Junior is a funky looking vaporizer. It’s different from most vapes out there for two reasons. Firstly, it’s made of wood and secondly it uses a butane lighter as the heat source. It’s very nice to use.

There are a few variations in the designs. I tested the “Junior”. It’s borderline portable and desktop. I placed it in the portable category as theoretically you could fit it in your pocket and take it with you.

If you like to vape in the comfort of your home then this is a good compact alternative to a desktop vape. As it’s butane powered you don’t have any cables or batteries to worry about.

It comes in a variety of woods such as cedar, cherry, maple and walnut. The model I was testing was made from cedar.

Sticky Brick Junior - with all sections in place

Sticky Brick Junior in cedar – with all sections in place

Sticky Brick Junior Performance

To be honest I didn’t know what to make of the Sticky Brick Junior when I first removed it from the bland white box. As an “objet d’art” I liked it. As someone who enjoys taking things apart and figuring out how they work I liked it too.

I was struggling to imagine how a vape session would go. Despite my misgivings I was impressed.

Sticky Brick Junior - view of the glass

Sticky Brick Junior – view of the borosilicate glass

For my first draw I didn’t hold the flame in place long and drew moderately, before removing my finger from the air carburettor hole that floods the chamber. I exhaled a small cloud and was surprised there was even anything there given the effort I put in.

On the following draws I held the flame in place longer and drew slightly harder. This produced some nice big clouds. Again I was surprised given the effort I put in.

There is an air carburettor to flood the chamber with air and allow you empty the vapour. This is a nice way to finish your hit and makes your herb last longer.

You can get cool dense clouds easily with the Sticky Brick. What’s more, the wood seems to impart as rather nice taste. It’s not an overpowering woody taste but it’s pleasant enough to get you to crave more. I’d love to try the different woods to see how that affects the taste.

The ground herb I was using was a bit on the dry side. So, it was a good test for whether the flame would ignite the contents or not. Towards the end I held the flame right inside the heat inlet and drew hard for about 10-15 seconds. I saw a flash of orange and tasted the smoke. I had discovered it’s limit. However, there is no need to push the Sticky Brick Junior anywhere near this limit to get great clouds. I just wanted to know how hard could I go.

In that first session I learnt how to master the Sticky Brick Junior. Like riding a bike I am unlikely to forget it. Just writing about it is making want to have another go – it’s so much fun!

Sticky Brick Junior Value For Money 

The Sticky Brick Junior is something different. It’s like purchasing a piece of art and not just a vape. It’d sit discreetly on your shelves without screaming “I consume cannabis!”.

If you are wanting to vape but don’t wish to have an electronic device then you don’t have a lot of options. A DynaVap is cheaper but I think the Sticky Brick Junior gives you a more solid package. It is a nice object and a functional vape that it difficult to get wrong whilst using.

You get an “Honest” torch lighter in the box, some screens, a couple of corks (to block the air carburettor) and a few toothpicks (that make great pokers).

For the money I don’t think there is anything out there that is as good. It’s just above starting price for electronic vapes but the vapour quality is so much better.

If you are planning on using the Sticky Brick Junior more in a private location then it could even be a better buy than some more expensive portable vapes on the market.

Sticky Brick Junior - What's in the box?

Sticky Brick Junior – What’s in the box?

Sticky Brick Junior Build quality

The finish on the model I tested was excellent. The strong magnets snap it together with a satisfying clack and everything fits snugly. The borosilicate glass is solid and looks medical grade. Having held so many metal and plastic devices lately it was nice to have the tactile wooden finish in my hands.

Sticky Brick Junior - remove the top to reveal the glass mouth piece

Sticky Brick Junior – remove the top to reveal the borosilicate glass mouth piece

Sticky Brick Junior User friendliness

Despite it’s strange looks the Sticky Brick Junior is intuitively easy to use.

– Loading

Once you have ground your favourite herb loading is simple. Remove the bottom section, which is held in place with magnets and scoop your herb on the screen.

Sticky Brick Junior - the base, ready to load

Sticky Brick Junior – the base, ready to load

– Setting Temperature

There’s no fancy temperature control wizardry going on here. The longer you hold the flame the hotter it gets. It also depends on how fast your draw is.

Temperature control is all about technique. It may take a little while to get the hang of it but once you do you’ll know how best to serve up the clouds of vapour as you like them.

– Ease of Use

Using the Sticky Brick Junior is no harder than lighting a pipe or bong. It’s light and fits nicely in your hand leaving the other hand free to apply the heat with your butane torch lighter. If you find covering the air carburettor hole difficult you can insert one of the small corks they provide in the box.

Sticky Brick Junior - you can insert a cork into the air carburettor

Sticky Brick Junior – you can insert a cork into the air carburettor

To stir up your herb as you are vaping you can tap the base or open it up and use one of the toothpick like pokers they provide in the box. It slots into it’s own storage hole which is neat.

I enjoyed the process. It made the event of vaping a more interesting ritual than just pressing a button. However, as easy as it is, it is not as easy as just pressing a button as per the Sticky Brick’s electronic counterparts. Therefore, I had to dock just one point here. I seemed to “get it” first time but friends whom I shared the Sticky Brick with did not – so it seems that there is a slight learning curve here.

Sticky Brick Junior Maintenance and Cleaning

The Sticky Brick Junior is a very simple device so cleaning is easy. To remove your spent herb it’s just a case of turning it upside down and giving it a tap. Should the screen get bunged up you can soak in alcohol or just pop in a new one. It comes with 6 screens.

After a while you may find residue on the mouthpiece. This can easily be cleaned in alcohol. Or with ISO cotton buds. That’s about as much as you can do. Should the borosilicate glass break replacements can be bought online. I don’t see this happening under normal use.

As for the wood – you can treat the exterior if you wish and clean the interior with warm water. I’m sure it’ll age well and gain character over time, like an old pipe.

Who Is It Good For?

It will be enjoyed by cannabis connoisseurs wanting to enjoy the ceremony of lighting a peace pipe whilst savouring the great taste vaping offers.

It’s perfect for campers or travellers who want to vape straight away without worrying about charging their device.


  • Instant convection vaping
  • Great looks
  • Something different
  • Can use “off grid”


  • Not a stealth portable solution
Sticky Brick
Suitable for
Flowers & concentrates
11.5 x 7.5 x 2.5 cm
300 gram
Battery capacity
Heat-up time
Where to buy

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Editors Verdict
The Sticky Brick Junior is a perfect vape for cannabis connoisseurs who love the ritual of smoking a pipe or bong but are looking for a healthier way to enjoy their cannabis. It is a beautiful item that will only improve with age.

I thoroughly enjoyed my vaping sessions with the Sticky Brick Junior and found them emotive of smoking a pipe - without all the disadvantages pipe smoking brings. Of all the many vapes that come my way this is one I’ll be sure to hang on to. I may even get another one in a different wood.

The Sticky Brick very nearly received a perfect 10. It only came short as using a flame takes a bit of technique so cannot be as easy as simply pressing a button. The results are well worth the investment in your time to master.
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