In succession to the Summit, Vapium designed the Summit+. This vaporizer has a more powerful battery than the previous model. It also enables smartphone connection. The Summit+ is advertised as a vaporizer that’s very suitable for on the road and outdoor use.

What’s in the box?

Summit+ vaporizer
Micro USB charger
Storage pouch
Extra screens
Stirring tool
Cleaning wipes
Pipe cleaners
Instruction manual


The Summit+ is a small and light vaporizer with a simple, modern design. The housing is made of plastic, and has a rubberised grip that makes it easy and comfortable to hold. The Summit+ has a removable mouthpiece, with a replaceable plastic layer for better hygiene.

The heating chamber can be revealed by removing the magnetic lid. The micro USB-input is hidden behind a little removable flap. A built-in stirring tool is located on the side of the vaporizer. To use the vaporizer, you won’t need any extra parts other than the stirring tool, which is kept in a compartment in the vaporizer itself. This makes the Summit+ very suitable for use on the go; you won’t need to bring extra, separate parts.

The Summit+ comes complete with its own cleaning tools and adapter, which can be conveniently stored in the included travel pouch. The Summit+ is made of smooth, high-quality material and has a very powerful battery, so you won’t need to clean or charge it so often.

Ease of use

The Vapium Summit+ has no display screen. It uses LED-lights to indicate the battery level, the temperature and the duration of your session. You can change these settings by using three buttons (power, + and -). The LED-light function and the button combinations are described in the manual. This can be quite complicated. If you want to apply changes, you will probably need the manual to know what you’re doing.

Vapium found a solution to this: the possibility to connect the vaporizer to a smartphone through bluetooth. This opens an app on your phone, that displays the temperature and duration of the session in numbers. You can adjust the settings on your vaporizer by using the app. This app doesn’t offer any extra features, so you’re not depending on it. It just offers extra clarity.

This might be a good solution for some people. Personally, I don’t use this function. For me it feels like a lot of hassle to find my phone and wait for the bluetooth connection before I can vape. I think this is even more inconvenient if you’re using it on the road or outdoors. It would generally have been handier if this vaporizer would have had a screen.

The Summit+ is very easy to load. However, the chamber lid stays in place by a magnet. Unfortunately, this sometimes causes the lid to come off , which could make the herbs fall out. I would advise to be cautious with that part of the vaporizer whilst using it. It’s also inadvisable to transport the vaporizer while the heating chamber is still loaded.

Many vaporizers in this price range can ‘overheat’. By that I mean that, during a long vape-session, some parts, such as the mouthpiece or area around the heating chamber, can get extremely hot. The Summit+ doesn’t have this problem. The grip can get a bit warm at times, but it never gets so hot that it becomes annoying or uncomfortable.

Vapour and flavour

The small disadvantages I mentioned before are absolutely overruled by the outstanding vapour produced by the Summit+. The outside of the mouthpiece is made of plastic. The inside, however, is made of stainless steel. This preserves the taste of the vapour very well, you can’t taste any plastic at all.

This vaporizer produces vapour of high density. This brings out the flavour perfectly. By using the Summit+, you can find nuances in the flavour of the herbs, that you probably never noticed before. If you use herbs of good quality, you’re guaranteed to experience a fantastic taste.

Apart from a strong flavour, the vapour also has very strong scent. This might make it harder to vape discreetly.


The Vapium Summit+ has eight temperature presets. You can choose a temperature between 160 and 230°C.

It takes thirty to forty seconds for the Summit+ to heat up. You can set the duration of your session, with a maximum of 120 seconds. After this, the vaporizer switches to stand-by mode. By pressing the power button twice, it starts to heat up again. After thirty minutes, the vaporizer automatically switches off.


The Vapium Summit+ has a built-in 3300MaH lithium battery. The battery is chargeable through USB. You can use the Summit+ while it’s charging (a big advantage!) When charged, the battery can easily last for a few days, unless you’re using it really excessively.

This vaporizer has a large heating chamber. Once it’s completely loaded, you can probably have several sessions with it, as long as you keep using the stirring tool in between sessions.

The Summit+ can operate in extreme conditions; it’s water and dustproof and has an operating range between -18 and 80°C. The Summit+ is compact and solid, and has a two-year warranty.

Suitable for
11.4cm x 2.8cm x 3.6cm
136 grams
Heat-up time
45-60 seconds
Where to buy

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Editors Verdict
The Vapium Summit+ is presented as a vaporizer that works well for outdoor use. Which it does; the battery is powerful enough to last for a long time, the vaporizer is very robust and can handle various extreme weather conditionz. Several factors, such as the absence of a display screen and the loose lid, slightly impair the suitability for outdoor use.

The Summit+ produces fantastic vapour. This really makes up for the few minor disadvantages I mentioned before. All in all, the Summit+ is a powerful, reliable vaporizer for a very fair price.

+ Produces great vapour.
+ The battery is strong and long-lasting.
+ You can use the vaporizer while it's charging.
+ This vaporizer is strong and robust.
+ You don't have to bring extra accessories; everything you need is incorporated into the design.
- The lid on the heating chamber comes off easily.
- You can only use pre-sets for the temperature.
- The Summit+ doesn't have a display screen.
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