Vaporbrothers Hands Free review

Vaporbrothers was the first company to introduce the box style vaporizer to the market, in 1999. The unit has been …

30 Sep 2016
Plenty Vaporizer review

The PLENTY is a non-portable vaporizer that was designed and manufactured by the German makers of the infamous Volcano vaporizers, …

30 Sep 2016
HerbalAire review

Since its introduction in 2007, The HerbAlaire has managed to attract a solid fan base. I’d say this is mainly …

29 Sep 2016
De Verdamper review

In the Netherlands, Evert, the friendly inventor of De Verdamper, is nothing less than an icon of the cannabis movement. …

23 Sep 2016
Da Buddha review

The Da Buddha is a whip vaporizer that is manufactured by the US-based company 7th Floor. It was released to …

23 Sep 2016