DaVinci MIQRO portable vaporizer review

The DaVinci MIQRO is a tiny portable herb vaporizer that offers the signature DaVinci great tasting vapour.

29 Nov 2018
ArGo Portable Vaporizer
ArGo: 1200 x 440

The ArGo – short for Arizer Go – is a premium portable vaporizer that will appeal to cannabis connoisseurs and …

07 Mar 2018
Top Bond Novae Portable Vaporizer Review
Top Pond Novae: 440 x 1200

The Top Bond Novae is a no nonsense, value for money, portable vaporizer. It performs well enough for most people …

02 Mar 2018
PuffCo Plus pen vaporizer review
PuffCo Plus - 440 x 1200

The PuffCo Plus (or PuffCo+) is a pen vaporizer designed for use with concentrates and waxy oils only. It is …

26 Feb 2018
Linx Hypnos Zero Pen Vaporizer Review
Linx Hypnos Zero - 1200 x 440

The Linx Hypnos Zero is a pen extract vaporizer. It’ll grant its owner discreet concentrate vaping in a sleek form …

20 Feb 2018
AirVape X Portable Vaporizer Review
AirVape X: 1200 x 440

The AirVape X is a very attractive looking portable vaporizer which is reminiscent of a retro Motorola portable phone. AirVape …

19 Feb 2018
PUFFiT-X Vaporizer review

Since its introduction last year, the PUFFiT has been a somewhat controversial vaporizer. It seems that users either love it …

30 Sep 2016
PUFFiT Vaporizer review

A vaporizer in the shape of an asthma (ventolin) inhaler? Sounds like the perfect stealth vape to me. But is …

30 Sep 2016