Sticky Brick Junior Vaporizer Review
Sticky Brick Junior - 1200 x 440

The Sticky Brick Junior is a funky looking vaporizer. It’s different from most vapes out there for two reasons. Firstly, …

24 Jan 2018
Linx Gaia Portable Vaporizer Review

The Linx Gaia is classy. It’s well made and offers its owner no nonsense convection (with a little conduction) vaping …

22 Jan 2018
XVAPE Fog Portable Vaporizer Review
XVAPE Fog 1200 × 440

The XVAPE Fog is an amazing package. It serves up convection vaporizing for a modest price. Other contenders in the …

17 Dec 2017
Summit+ review

In succession to the Summit, Vapium designed the Summit+. This vaporizer has a more powerful battery than the previous model. …

06 Jan 2017
Flowermate Mini V5.0 Pro

The newest portable vaporizer from Flowermate in the V5.0 series, the Mini V5.0 Pro features the – for the most …

06 Jan 2017
PUFFiT-X Vaporizer review

Since its introduction last year, the PUFFiT has been a somewhat controversial vaporizer. It seems that users either love it …

30 Sep 2016
PUFFiT Vaporizer review

A vaporizer in the shape of an asthma (ventolin) inhaler? Sounds like the perfect stealth vape to me. But is …

30 Sep 2016
PALM 2.0 review

The PALM 2.0 is a tiny handheld vaporizer that is manufactured by VaporBLUNT, an upcoming name in the vaporizer industry …

29 Sep 2016
Magic Flight Launch Box review

My initial thought when seeing the Magic Flight Launch Box (MFLB) was, ‘Wow, this thing is tiny!’ It is hard …

29 Sep 2016
Lotus Vaporizer review

The Lotus Vaporizer is a new portable vaporizer manufactured by a small California based company, named Mendocino Therapeutics. The unit …

29 Sep 2016