The DynaVap VapCap M (2018 model) is a great value, flame powered portable vaporizer.

DynaVap have a cult following. It’s no wonder; they perform well and are versatile with regards to what you can heat in the chamber. Where they shine, in my view, is their ability to vape hash.

The VapCap M is a perfect buy as a backup vape and a reasonable purchase as your only vape if your budget is limited. The 2018 version keeps the same functionality and form factor as the previous model. The changes refine the finish and improve the package. Improvements include reduced weight, better airflow and increased grip.

VapCap M 2018: 2018 model (right) and 2017 model (left) spot the difference

VapCap M 2018: 2018 model (right) and 2017 model (left) spot the difference

VapCap M User Friendliness

Using the VapCap M may stump some people. A few things are obvious but others must be learnt. When you master the technique you get an emotional attachment with the device. Use is more ritualistic and emotive than simply pressing a button.

– Loading

Loading the VapCap M is one of the more obvious aspects. Slide off the cap and add your ground herb, hash or other concentrate. For herb you should pack it lightly. For hashes or concentrates break into crumbs – if you are experimenting for the first time I would suggest to start with a chunk the size of a grain of rice.

VapCap M 2018: loading is easy with a DynaStash (sold seperately)

VapCap M 2018: loading is easy with a DynaStash (sold seperately)

– Setting Temperature

You heat the VapCap M with a naked flame so the concept of setting the temperature is not as accurately done as with an electronic device. It’s worth swotting up some youtube tutorials on the various techniques to learn.

– Ease of Use

Using the VapCap M is about as easy as lighting a cigarette. Once loaded you hold a flame to the capped end and rotate it until you hear a click. This indicates that it has reached the desired temperature, you can stop heating and commence your draw. It clicks again when the temperature is low enough to start heating again.

VapCap M 2018: refined finish

VapCap M 2018: refined finish

Unsurprisingly, the cap gets very hot. I would highly recommend the purchase of the DynaStash case. A DynaStash allows you to put the device somewhere safe when not in use. The magnetic stand on the case cools the cap faster and you can remove it without burning your fingers.

VapCap M 2018: with DynaStash and Honest lighter (sold separately)

VapCap M 2018: with DynaStash and Honest lighter (sold separately)

VapCap M Performance

– Heating time

The VapCap only takes a few seconds to heat up. Speed up heating time by using a multi flame torch lighter.

– Vapour Quality

The vapour quality is one of the strong points of the VapCap M. It does a very efficient job of vaporising whatever you place in the heating chamber – be it flower or concentrate. Especially satisfying is vaping high quality hash (a must try for any vape enthusiast).

VapCap M 2018: adjust airflow with carb hole

VapCap M 2018: adjust airflow with carb hole

There are not a lot of products on the market that are capable of vaporizing hash. The ones that can are expensive and you may not want to risk gumming them up with molten resin. The VapCap M is affordable and easy to clean so neither of these issues apply. For those interested in vaping hash I would advise picking up some degummed hemp fibre to protect your vape.

VapCap M Build Quality

The VapCap M is made in-house and assembled by hand in USA. It is good looking and the finish is of a superior quality. I could not find any faults.

VapCap M Maintenance and Cleaning

All pieces are replaceable and the whole thing comes apart to give it a thorough clean.

VapCap M 2018: new model has improved grip

VapCap M 2018: new model has improved grip

The replacement caps are expensive. However, passionate DynaVap engineers make all their products in-house so you can forgive this. Given the work involved the cost is fair. We should expect to pay more for such a quality niche product. My second cap will have respect after I inadvertently burnt my first out (long story). Always remember “respect the click”.

VapCap M Value For Money

I cannot think of a better way to have this quality of vapour for a lower price. The VapCap M is excellent value for money.

Who Is It Good For?

If you have an electronic vape which you use for flowers you may want to pick up a VapCap M as a second vape for extended trips away from the mains. The VapCap is one of a few vapes that allow you to enjoy hash (the premium Mighty being another). It is definitely the most cost efficient option.

If you are drawn to vaping but are on a tight budget then a VapCap M could be your best choice. Don’t let the low price put you off, VapCap M owners would get a nod of respect from vape connoisseurs out there – whether it is your first or second vape.

If you already own a previous model of VapCap I don’t think it is worth upgrading to the 2018 model – better to upgrade further to one of their premium models such as a NonaVong, OmniVap or a titanium Woody.

VapCap M 2018: with storage tube

VapCap M 2018: with storage tube


  • excellent vapour quality
  • vapes pretty much anything
  • great value for money


  • looks a little dodgy when heating up
Suitable for
flowers, concentrates and hash
20 grams
Heat-up time
0-10 seconds
Where to buy

*Use voucher code VAPOINFO5 for a 5% discount on your purchase from VapoShop

Editors Verdict
It’s clear that DynaVap as a company has its heart in the right place. Their products are manufactured in-house and this love and attention is apparent in the end product. Their entry level VapCap M is testament to this and a great introduction to flame powered vaping. It may take a few goes to get the hang of it but as you build your technique you will only grow to love it more.

Due to the fact that you must heat the VapCap M with a lighter this limits the locations where you could use it. It is not as stealth as an electronic pen or small portable vape. The unit itself is stealth but the process of heating could bring (unwanted) attention to yourself.

In summary, the 2018 model VapCap M refines an already excellent product and very nearly gets a perfect 10 in this review.
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