The VapCap ‘M’ line from DynaVap offers zen like simplicity in portable vaping. In a world where portable vaporizers are becoming ever more complex the VapCap cuts to the core of what is required. To heat the contents to a specific temperature (148-204 depending on where you heat the cap). Then alert the user when that temperature is met through a click.

VapCap ‘M’ Performance

The VapCap ‘M’ is like a simple tube pipe with a cover on the bowl enabling you to heat the herb or concentrate (including hash). You heat the cap with a flame – lighter or candle – and it clicks when you have reacher the optimum temperature. You can then draw through the mouthpiece to inhale your vapour.

VapCap 'M' - flame heated

VapCap ‘M’ – flame heated

This model holds less ground herb than most portable vapes on the market. It offer 3-4 draws, the first two in particular offering dense and tasty clouds. If you are sharing with friends make sure you get to heat it or are second in line. This is the reason the performance is marked down a couple of points. Though I don’t see how this could be changed it is a factor that may put you off buying.

Given the size and simplicity I was very impressed with the vapour that comes out. It makes everything else on the market look over engineered.

You can get higher temperatures by heating the cap end closest to the main tube. Lower temperatures by heating the other end. This is good to know as you learn how to get the most from the VapCap. It works great with herbs and also performs well with hash. Just make sure you use some degummed hemp fibre in there to make cleaning easier once you are done.

VapCap ‘M’ Value For Money

For a portable vaporizer the price is very reasonable. That said for a simple “bat” pipe it’s very expensive. Given that this is definitely a vaporizer and not a pipe I think it’s fair to place it in the former category. But when you hold it in your hand it’s clear you are paying way over what it would cost to build such a device even if it is exceptionally good quality. This is why I knocked a couple of points of price/quality score. Still, it’s probably one of the cheapest portable vapes you are going to get. If you pay this for a battery operated vape I’m sure it’ll be terrible. Once you get the hang of the VapCap it performs as well the best portable vapes out there.

VapCap 'M' - ready to load

VapCap ‘M’ – ready to load

VapCap ‘M’ Build Quality

Build quality is solid and the finish is clean and precise. DynaVap have a whole host of styles available in a range of quality materials (and prices) so you are sure to find a finish that suits you best. My only concern is that if you lose (or damage through over heating) the one cap that is supplied with the device you are stuffed. You can buy a replacement but the price will make you weep – so don’t lose it or heat it after it has clicked.

VapCap ‘M’ User Friendliness

The simplicity of this device means the learning curve is not steep nor is it high. It only takes a few seconds of looking at it to figure out how it will work. Simply slide off the cap, insert about quarter of a gram of ground herb in the end and slide the cap back into place. Holding in one hand gently heat the cap enclosing the herb until it makes a click or pop sound. Depending on the place you heat the cap and on how fast you rotate the VapCap will depend on the temperature and quality of vapour you produce.

There is no visual feedback so those hard of hearing or wanting to use in a noisy place – a music venue for example –  will need to rely on the slight kick you get as the cap pops into place. After a bit of practice you’ll get a feel for how long you need to heat. I tested with some loud music playing through headphones and managed to detect this haptic feedback despite not being able to hear anything.

VapCap 'M' - comfortable to hold

VapCap ‘M’ – comfortable to hold

– Hot Stuff!

Be warned the cap gets very hot! Don’t touch it until the device cools and clicks again to let you know it is cooled. Placing it on something metal helps to cool it quicker. Don’t just pop it back in your pocket though or else you will likely burn yourself. I used it in conjunction with the DynaStash (sold separately) – a wooden accessory that provides a neat stand for loading and cooling. It also allows you to slot the VapCap inside without fear of burning yourself.

My one gripe (other than being scared of losing the cap) is that it’s not exactly a stealth device. The device itself is as stealth as it gets but the act of filling it and heating the end just looks kinda dodgy – I found myself feeling like a stereotypical drug addict heating my spoon. If you are wanting to vape in public places then I would advise again to increase your budget. I’ve used my PAX 3 on trains, in shops and even at the airport but would not consider using my VapCap ‘M’ in any of those places.

VapCap 'M'

VapCap ‘M’

For festivals, camping or out in the wild where this kind of behaviour will draw less attention the VapCap ‘M’ is ideal. Even better when combined with the DynaStash which holds your VapCap and your favourite pre-ground herb.

VapCap ‘M’ Maintenance and Cleaning

Essentially the VapCap M is just a metal tube – albeit more engineered than a simple pipe to assist in airflow and keeping the hot end separate from the part you hold and place your lips on.

VapCap 'M' - storage tube

VapCap ‘M’ – storage tube

Cleaning could not be easier. A pipe cleaner and some rubbing alcohol will have this looking like new in under a minute. What drew me to this particular vaporizer is the fact that you can vape hash in it – so if you vape hash in yours it could get a bit more messed up than the average vape. Inserting degummed hemp fibre helps avoid this.

VapCap ‘M’ Who Is It Good For?

The VapCap ‘M’ is great for one person or sharing with a friend. It’s perfect for vape heads going off the grid for more than a day – like at a festival or a camping trip. It doesn’t offer as many draws as other portable vapes so if you are looking for a party vape to pass around friends then you may need to increase your budget considerably.


  • Dense, strong, tasty clouds
  • An inexpensive portable vape
  • No batteries to keep charged
  • Can vaporize herb, concentrates and hash
  • Excellent finish
  • Durable
  • Easy to clean
  • Tiny
  • Can buy spare parts and accessories


  • Replacement caps are expensive
  • Maximum 3-4 draws before needing refilling
  • Difficult to use in public setting – the act of heating is not so stealth
  • Cap can get red hot
Suitable for
herbs, oils and concentrates
Length 92 mm
20 grams
Battery capacity
Heat-up time
10 seconds
Where to buy

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Editors Verdict
The DynaVap VapCap 'M' allows for vaping on the go and doesn’t rely on being connected to the mains to recharge. I consistently got dense clouds during my tests. It offers a quality vaping experience for those on a budget or looking for a backup vape.
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Value for Money
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I find this device genius. It is no bigger than a cigarette, so ultra portable, but it keeps the old school charm of an analog smoking device, while bringing the benefits of vaporization. An impressive little gem.

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