The XMAX glass bubbler allows Starry or Fog portable vaporizer owners to enjoy cool and smooth vapour. It’s versatile design also allows you to use it on other popular portable vapes.

Starry/Fog Glass Bubbler Performance

I found the Starry and Fog portable vapes offered great performance given their cost. They produced ample convection clouds of vapour. I did note that the vapour could be dry and hot. You can fix this with XMAX’s glass bubbler.

XMAX glass bubbler

XMAX glass bubbler

First of all, the extra long (65cm) silicon tube helps to cool the vapour.

Then, it passes through the bubbler device which you now use as your mouthpiece. The bubbler adds moisture to the now cooled vapour which is kind to your throat.

XMAX glass bubbler: bubbles!

XMAX glass bubbler: bubbles!

The end result is that you can draw for longer and therefore get more cannabinoids into your system with each draw. It worked well and I produced large clouds of vapour without feeling the need to stifle a cough.

XMAX glass bubbler: fits the Starry and Fog perfectly

XMAX glass bubbler: fits the Starry and Fog perfectly

I had one issue – that is touched upon throughout this review. The silicon tube arrives folded in the box and has kinks in it. From time to time these folded during use and blocked the airway which effected the performance. To fix this you could either replace the tube completely or cut it down to a smaller length.

Starry/Fog Glass Bubbler Value For Money 

As with all XMAX products their bubbler is reasonably priced. A little research showed that it was the cheapest bubbler accessory out there. I also found that it fitted more than just the Fog and Starry. So owners of other portable vaporizers could possibly pick it up as a cheaper alternative to the one offered by their brand.

XMAX glass bubbler: what's in the box?

XMAX glass bubbler: what’s in the box?

Starry/Fog Glass Bubbler Build quality

There is not much to a bubbler. This one has uses a silicon tube so it differs to some of the others out there. At each end of the tube there is a rubber piece – this slots over the bubbler on one end and on the mouthpiece of the vaporizer at the other. Inside this rubber part, is a metal piece that ensures the silicon tube stays tight in place. Everything fits together snugly and when setup there are no leaks. The glass bubbler section seems solid and is well finished with no sharp edges. There is no mention of the glass being medicinal grade so I assume it is not, which could help keep the price so low.

The only part that I have a problem with is the silicon tube. When it arrived in the small box it had been folded to fit. Each of these folds created a permanent kink in the tube – in my case 5 in total. Over time I’m sure these kinks will create points in which the tube may puncture. Occasionally they fold over at these points restricting the airflow.

XMAX glass bubbler: kinky tubing

XMAX glass bubbler: kinky tubing

I’m not sure the best practice for storing and shipping silicone tubing but I would hazard a guess that folding it is not the preferred method. Maybe a thicker silicon tube would hold its shape better? It’s a shame to be thinking about how to replace a part after you have just unboxed it.

Starry/Fog Glass Bubbler User friendliness

There are no instructions in the box as to how to use this accessory – which was disappointing. However, it was not hard to figure out. If you have seen one in action then you would know right away. The smaller end fits easily on the oval shaped mouthpiece of a Fog or Starry.

XMAX glass bubbler: I used a tiny funnel to load (not included)

XMAX glass bubbler: I used a tiny funnel to load (not included)

An added bonus was I found it fitted most of my other portable vaporizers. For example, it fitted my Linx Hypnos Zero pen vape meaning that I could get a bubbler for the device which is slightly cheaper than the official Linx bubbler. Whether that saving is worth it is debatable.

XMAX glass bubbler: a few drops of water does it

XMAX glass bubbler: a few drops of water does it

Not having any instructions meant that it took a little while to figure out how to add water. You need to pour a few drops in the mouthpiece end. Thankfully, I happened to have a small funnel which helped. A pipette or dropper would have also worked. Neither of these are included in the box. Nor are there any clues as to the recommended method of filling with water or even how much water to add.

Starry/Fog Glass Bubbler Maintenance and Cleaning

To empty the water from the bubbler you blow in the mouthpiece. This forces the water out through the bottom. The only part that should need cleaning would be the mouthpiece section of the bubbler. This could be done with a ISO wipe. The whole mouthpiece could be submerged in IOS alcohol if it gets really dirty but I can’t imagine how it could get really dirty if there is just vapour passing through it.

Who Is It Good For?

A bubbler is great for anyone who finds that the dry hot vapour produced by their vaporizer makes them cough. From non scientific observations I notice that smokers tend to cough more with vaporizers so a bubbler would help them avoid this throat irritation.

As the bubbler needs water to function it is not a great solution for those on the go.

I managed to fit it to other brands beyond the XMAX Fog and Starry; Linx Hypnos Zero, Linx Gaia, Storz & Bickel Mighty, Storz & Bickel Crafty and even my PuffCo Plus. If your portable vape has a mouthpiece (or water pipe connector) around the same size as these models then it’ll probably fit that too.


  • great price
  • cools and hydrates vapour for smooth draws
  • fits a few different portable vaporizers


  • cheap silicon tube arrives full of kinks
  • no instructions


Suitable for
Fog and Starry
65cm tube, 10cm bubbler
Where to buy

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Editors Verdict
The XMAX Starry/Fog glass bubbler accessory is a versatile, reasonably priced bubbler that will fit  quite a few different brands of portable vaporizer. It is only let down by no instructions and a silicon tube that arrives in the packaging with several kinks that are impossible to remove. 
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