The XVAPE Fog is an amazing package. It serves up convection vaporizing for a modest price. Other contenders in the portable vape market must be quaking in their boots. You could say that it is a convection version of the wonderful DaVinci IQ. In some ways it is better than the IQ but to meet the inexpensive price point there are a few compromises. Given the price I’d argue these don’t matter and what is not there makes perfect sense. This is a fantastic little vape that everyone should own.

XVAPE Fog ready to go!

XVAPE Fog ready to go!

XVAPE Fog Performance

The word ‘convection’ makes many a vape enthusiast salivate. “Why’s that?” you may ask. The answer is, it produces tasty clouds in plenty.

Convection is when hot air is drawn through the herb as apposed to conduction – where the herb is heated directly. The XVAPE Fog provides a combination of convection and conduction.

Up until now, if you wanted convection in a portable vape you had to pay top dollar. The Firefly 2 or the Mighty are a couple of convection portable vapes priced in the premium bracket. The big question is, how does the XVAPE Fog perform in comparison.

It performs fine, despite costing around a third of the price.

Turn it on and you are ready to go (wait a few seconds on higher temperatures). There is no haptic feedback which helps reduce the price. When it is instantly ready haptic feedback is irrelevant so in this case is not missed.

The first draw tastes as good as you will get from a premium portable vape. The higher the temperature the denser the clouds. It also has a lot to do with the technique you use to draw from it. Convection vapes tend to require the user to give a few big puffs like you do when lighting a cigar. This gets it going strong.

Mentioning temperature highlights another compromise. The temperature has 5 settings that you cannot alter. There is no incremental control as per the IQ or Mighty and no bluetooth to define it yourself as per the Firefly. That said, as it is convection, it does not matter so much as you have a little more control depending on the way you draw. Given the price point it is something I can most definitely live with.

Once you get the hang of it, clouds are as tasty, big and dense as you could hope for.

XVAPE Fog full blast

5 stars! XVAPE Fog on full blast

XVAPE Fog Value For Money

The XVAPE Fog is amazing value for money. To get convection portable vaping at this price – that actually performs – is astounding.

You get a lot of things in the box. Pokers, tweezers and even a pad for concentrates. Yes, you can vape concentrates too in this little beauty!

XVAPE Fog - what's in the box?

XVAPE Fog – what’s in the box?

XVAPE Fog Build quality

Bottom line – the build quality is excellent. It feels solid, has a beautiful finish, all parts fit snug and I cannot find any faults. It actually feels higher quality than the DaVinci IQ that it emulates in many ways. I did notice that after a couple of days light use the paint on the lid was starting to scratch off on the edges. So, it’s not going to look perfect for long.

XVAPE Fog press button 3 times to activate

XVAPE Fog press button 3 times to activate

XVAPE Fog User friendliness

This is one of the easiest portable vapes that I’ve had the pleasure to use.

– Loading

The base is square so you can put it on a flat surface to load. Open the top and a loading tray helps you to guide your herb into the oven. It could not be any easier and beats many of its competitors in this respect.

XVAPE Fog loading bay

XVAPE Fog loading bay

– Setting Temperature

To change the temperature you press and hold the one button. The lights on the device show the heat level. You don’t have incremental control over the temperature – they are preset. The range (180°C (356°F), 190°C (374°F), 200°C (392°F), 210°C (410°F) & 220°C (428°F)) is good enough to please most users. As mentioned above, you do have a bit of control through your draw technique.



– Ease of Use

Press the one button three times to turn on. Set your temperature with a long hold and draw. It’ll turn off after four minutes or you can press button three times again. If you can think of a way to make the use any simpler go ahead and patent it now as I can’t.

If you have a medical condition that makes your hands shake it may be a problem to press the button as required. For serious medical conditions I would always recommed the Mighty.

If you are blind, you won’t know if it is on or off as there is no haptic feedback.

For everyone else, you will not have any problems using this.

XVAPE Fog convection vape

XVAPE Fog convection vape

– Charging

The XVAPE Fog charges via USB which is my preferred solution. There is no dock which is ideal for those travelling. When you activate the device a light indicates the charge level. Green means full, blue means medium level and red means it’ll need charging.

XVAPE Fog battery indicator light

XVAPE Fog battery indicator light

It has a removable battery so you can replace that on the go with another fully charged one (sold separately).

XVAPE Fog replaceable battery

XVAPE Fog replaceable battery

XVAPE Fog Maintenance and Cleaning

There is only the bowl to clean. It could not be easier.

If things get bunged up after extending use you can remove the mouthpiece and filter to soak in alcohol.

The loading dock has a small groove around the edge that can get small pieces of herb stuck in. If it gets really bad you can remove the whole thing with a couple of philips screws.

I wish all portable vapes were as easy to maintain as this. I would’ve liked a place to store a poker built into the device, as it is needed when it comes to emptying or stirring your herb.

Who Is It Good For?

It is good for people who are new to the world of portable vaping. It is also good as an inexpensive second vape – for those who prefer to use a convection vape but want something stealth for nights out.

In summary, I would recommend everyone get one of these.


  • Tasty convection clouds
  • Flat base & loading bay = easy loading
  • USB port
  • Exchangeable battery
  • Excellent build quality
  • Small form factor
  • Great price
  • Easy to clean


  • Mouthpiece can get hot with extended use
  • No precise control over temperature
Suitable for
flowers and concentrates
42mm x 23mm x 94mm
164 grams
Battery capacity
2600 mAh
Heat-up time
5-40 seconds
Where to buy

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Editors Verdict
The XVAPE Fog nails exactly what a great portable vape needs. It omits the fluff other high price models offer. It's not 100% perfect, but for the price it is as good as.

Every time I docked a point I had a voice in my head saying "yeah, but for this price". So please do not judge it on the score alone. This is a brilliant value for money package. If I could have marked higher than a 10 for "Value For Money" I would've given it 15.
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Great little vape, perfect to micro dose and take on a trip! Love this little thing

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